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Kathy Lyons/Jade Lee | Guess How This Book was Born?
Author Guest / March 21, 2019

The Detroit Grizzlies are back and ready to end the plague that has been killing humans and shifters alike. TAMING HER MATE was born March 19, and I couldn’t be prouder. This is a really great book and I hope you feel as excited about it as I do, because this book…well, it was born of something really amazing. Guess what it was… A. A contract. I’m a working writer. If I don’t write, I don’t pay my bills. The amazing part? Just that. I write the weird things in my head, and I get paid. Which means I get paid for what I love doing the most in the world. Pretty cool, huh? B. Bad seafood. I ate something not so fresh at a restaurant, and while I was bowing to the porcelain altar, I thought, what if I’m changing into a shifter right now? I mean, look in the mirror. I could be a mangy bear. What if shifting worked really well for some and not so well for others? Would I survive? (I decided probably not, so it would be best if my heroes and heroines saved everyone, including me.) C. A bad shifter book. Yes, we’ve…

Author Guest / March 21, 2019

Things can go south really quickly when you’re a wolf. The wolves of the Great North Pack cannot pass as human, or at least not for long because for three days out of thirty, during what they call the Iron Moon, the Pack must be wild. With no fingers or words to protect themselves, they are simply wolves—large and self-reflective wolves—but still, a nuisance species easily killed by a bullet or a bolt or a Buick. Since settling in the Adirondacks, the Great North has survived by a combination of secrecy and careful application of human laws and human money. It worked well and they flourished over the 350 years, but then the Pack was discovered by Shifters, ancient enemies who can change but don’t have to be. The Shifters knew not only what the Pack was, but also when they were at their most vulnerable. The Pack fought back but still lost several of its most powerful wolves, a prescription for chaos in a close-knit community tied by bounds of hierarchy. Varya Timursdottir knows the price of chaos. The last of a once-great Russian pack from the rocky, wind-scoured island between the Siberian Sea and the Arctic Ocean, she…