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Sheryl Nantus | My Top 5 Tomb Raider Movies
Author Guest / June 27, 2019

Warrior in Love is about a professional tomb robber and a Valkyrie on the hunt to retrieve an ancient artifact before it’s used to trigger Ragnarök – but treasure hunters have been around for decades! Here are my Top 5 Tomb Raider movies! #5: Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft Oh, come on – you knew this was going to be here! Yes, I know it’s from a video game – and yes, it had a sequel and has been rebooted since. But to me, this first movie was a great show of female power and strength, with Lara charging in where men feared to tread to find the treasure. A great movie! #4 The Mummy (NO, not the Tom Cruise one – the Brendan Fraser one!) Rick O’Connell kicked Royal Butt in this movie, chasing down an ancient mummy along with finding true love with Evy – a librarian who is much tougher than she looks. Don’t you DARE email me and argue for the Tom Cruise version – no, no, no! #3 The Mummy Returns No, it’s not cheating! Not when you see that Evy and Rick have an ADORABLE little boy and he’s just as…

Maxym M. Martineau | My Top 5 Fantasy Novels
Author Guest / June 27, 2019

First off, it’s truly painful to only pick five novels. How on earth am I supposed to do that? There are so many lovelies out there, and I just want to snuggle them all. From stories that sparked inspiration for my own work, Kingdom of Exiles, to just plain amazing concepts… Sheesh. This is so hard! But, as I must follow the rules, I’ll only bend them slightly by admitting the following: I feel like Harry Potter is a given. It completely and totally shaped my childhood, but since that’s on an echelon all its own, I’ll go ahead and pick my top five fantasy novels to date (in no particular order) that get shelved next to JK Rowling for me. Okay, ripping the band-aid off in 3…2…1… A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Mass Okay, so that really should say, A Court of Mist and Fury, but as that’s the second book in the series, you’ll have to start with ACOTR. Now, that’s not to say ACOTR isn’t amazing. I can’t remember if I devoured this story in one sitting or not, but I do recall my husband trying to talk to me, and me consequently…