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Miranda Owen | Cowboy Healing
Author Guest / July 26, 2019

“If you write a book set in the past about something that happened east of the Mississippi, it’s a ‘historical novel.’ If you write about something that took place west of the Mississippi, it’s a ‘Western’- and somehow regarded as a lesser work. I write historical novels about the frontier.”   Louis L’Amour My great-grandfather was born in 1904 and was a Polish immigrant. He supported himself by working on the railroads. In his later years, I knew two things – he liked a glass of whiskey now and then, and he liked to get comfy in his recliner with a Louis L’Amour Western. At the time, I was young, and my literary taste ran more along the lines of Nancy Drew books and the Sweet Valley High series. It’s only in recent years that I can appreciate a tale of cowboys, horses, rodeos, and occasionally cattle rustling. Although, admittedly, my Westerns are of a very different variety than those preferred by my late great-grandpa. Mine is full of more naked shenanigans than he would probably care for. I can’t pinpoint which book was the first romance I read with a Western vibe, but it might’ve been “Catcher Creek” series by…

Bria Quinlan | Welcome to Starlight Harbor + Giveaway!
Author Guest / July 26, 2019

Starlight Harbor is my new home. Okay, no. I didn’t move. I’m still in my little apartment sitting out on my also little deck with my pup, drinking tea and writing. But if I could move to Starlight Harbor I’d have Jack the Pup packing his toys quicker than you can say “cupcake.” Not only is it on the coast of Maine which is absolutely stunning and has some of the most lovely, creative, strong but compassionate people I’ve met on my travels….Starlight Harbor is also on a mission. Starlight Harbor isn’t just your normal quirky small town. It’s turned love (and quirkiness) up to 11. Not only do they have a rich history of smuggling, piracy, and a collection of clans who escaped the Scottish Clearances…they also celebrate Christmas all year. Before you start picturing blowup Santas and fake snow, Lyra (our heroine) wants you to know… Don’t even go there. That’s what that uninformed, pushy, self-involved “journalist” did when he bad mouthed her town. Not that we’re judging him or anything. Instead, Starlight Harbor is a beautiful, seaside town that has a small celebration every few weeks. Picture a lovely Hallmark movie set instead of a Walmart holiday…