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Gena Showalter | Exclusive Excerpt: THE DARKEST KING
Author Guest / February 20, 2020

“Sunny,” William said, then sighed with impatience. Gah! She’d gotten lost in her head again. A dangerous habit to in­dulge. “This is your last chance to enter the portal of your own volition.” Or what? He’d throw her over his shoulder fireman-style? Shiver. She looked at the portal. . . then William. The portal. William. To escape or not to escape? Maybe, by helping William with his book, she’d have opportunities to learn more about his family, discover their greatest weaknesses, hideouts and fears, and fi­nally execute Lucifer. But, again, she’d be a prisoner. And what about Sable? Was the other unicorn truly okay? “You know what I am,” Sunny said, lifting her chin. “What if you decide to steal my horn?” I’ll stop him. Yes, but what if he locked her up, forever? I’ll escape. If she had to fight her way free, she would. He’d never be able to stop her. “Keep your horn to yourself, and we won’t have any prob­lems,” he said, his derisive tone a real teeth-grinder. “Come to my palace, decode my book, and I’ll escort you to Lucifer’s home. You wish to kill him, yes?” She sucked in a breath. Her greatest desire!…

Abigail Owens | Title Challenege : THE DEMIGOD COMPLEX
Author Guest / February 20, 2020

What if the only reason you got your job was because you were a water nymph with the ability to turn off your reaction to sexual chemistry, no matter how powerful the man? Leia got one directive when she was hired, don’t fall for her demigod billionaire boss. His only requirement for his assistant. Too bad her power doesn’t seem to work around this particular demigod. T is for trouble. And she should’ve seen it coming H is for hubba hubba. Castor’s a demigod billionaire. So much better than the mortal version. 😉 E is for expectation. That waiting and wondering. * D is for demigod. The son of Zeus and a human woman. E is for energy. Castor vibrates with the blood of his father and the powers that flow through him. M is for mating. Lei and Castor have to go to a wolf shifter mating. Maybe she should just quit instead. I is for intriguing. No woman has ever resisted him to this level, and for once, he doesn’t like it. G is for giving. A giving heart is much harder to resist. O is for oh hell yes! Or is it oh hell no? These two…