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Brenda Jackson | Exclusive Excerpt: SEDUCED BY A STEELE
Author Guest / April 7, 2020

Mercury wondered if anyone had ever told Sloan how cute she looked when she became angry. How her brows slashed together over her forehead and how the pupils of her eyes became a turbulent dark gray. Then there was the way her chin lifted and her lips formed into a decadent pout. Observing her lips made him remember their taste and how the memory had kept him up most of the night. “I don’t need you to take care of me.” Her words were snapped out in a vicious tone. He drew in a deep breath. He didn’t need this. Especially from her and definitely not this morning. He’d forgot-ten to cancel his date last night with Raquel and she had called first thing this morning letting him know she hadn’t appreciated it. It had put him in a bad mood, but, unfortunately, Raquel was the least of his worries. “You don’t?” he asked, trying to maintain a calm voice when more than anything he wanted to snap back. “Was it not my stolen car you were driving?” “Yes, but—” “Were you not with me when you discovered you were being evicted?” he quickly asked, determined not to let her…

Katy Ames | Top Five Favorites About the 425 Madison World + Giveaway
Author Guest / April 7, 2020

Hi! I’m so excited to share Love by Design with you! This story has so many of my favorite things: a hunky carpenter, a heroine getting back on her feet, a heavy dose of sexual tension, and a second chance at love. Plus, magic pancakes. It’s steamy and sweet and I hope you fall for Grayson and Annika as hard as I did! My favorite neighbor in the 425 Madison building: It’s too hard to choose just one. I would have to say, Lyla Dupree from Sweet on You because I have a serious sweet tooth and she makes the best goodies. And, Bernadette Williams from Accidentally in Love, because who doesn’t want to hang out with a sassy, straight-talkin’ lady who serves whiskey in teacups? My favorite mode of transportation around NYC: My two feet. There’s so much to see and do in New York, walking around the city is the best way to absorb as much as you can. Plus, it helps work off all the fabulous food. 🙂 Otherwise, the subway, though sometimes nuts, is the most efficient way to get around and avoid the constant traffic! My favorite or must-see NYC landmark: I’m on a museum…