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N.J. Walters | 20 Questions: ARCTIC BITE
Author Guest / May 14, 2020

1–What’s the name of your latest release?  ARCTIC BITE, book 2 of the Forgotten Brotherhood series. 2–What is it about?  The Forgotten Brotherhood are a group of paranormal assassins. They aren’t the monsters lurking under the bed. They’re the ones that kill them. 3–What word best describes your heroine?  The word that best describes Cassie Dobbs is strong. She’s seen and done more than most people can imagine. To walk away from it all, knowing it will mean her death takes strength, courage, and commitment. 4–What makes your hero irresistible?  Alexei is huge and quiet. Most people assume he’s all muscle and none too bright. That is a huge mistake. As he likes to say, he’s the total bear package—strength and determination mixed with a keen intellect and curiosity. He’s laidback and surprisingly loveable in spite of being one of the most dangerous assassins on the planet. 5–Who are the people your main characters turn to when they need help?  Cassie has cut all ties with her past in order to survive. Alexei is a loner with no family and only the Brotherhood to call on, and they’re not exactly a social group, but he knows they’ll have his back…

Danielle J. Dresser | Why I Started to DNF. . . And Not Feel Bad About It
Author Guest / May 14, 2020

To DNF: in which you Do Not Finish a book. Once upon a time, I was a diligent reader who started a book and then finished it dutifully, whether I liked it or not. There were times when I was the one of only a few people in my book club who slogged through a long tome or truly dismal narrative because I felt some sort of duty to the author who took the time to write a book. Ah, to be young and not as cynical. Now, I have a job that entails reading every single day (what a bore, right? Kidding, it’s a dream!), I’m a mother to a very precocious daughter (she’s a clearly a genius), I like to binge-watch TV (I will neither confirm nor deny that I finished the latest season of Nailed It! in one sitting), and I’m also trying to write my own book (it’s still a work in progress). Not to mention, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and concentration has suddenly become a concept I can’t seem to grasp. But one thing has saved my sanity, one thing has brought me sweet relief. I’ve started to DNF books. Sometimes…