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Priscilla Oliveras | Double Cover Reveal: HOLIDAY HOME RUN & ANCHORED HEARTS
Author Guest / September 23, 2020

We are THRILLED to feature a DOUBLE COVER REVEAL from USA Today bestselling author, Priscilla Oliveras! What a treat–especially because she’s also sharing an exclusive excerpt from the highly-anticipated second book in the Keys to Love series, ANCHORED HEARTS. Read on to see the gorgeous covers and to read more about her upcoming releases.  *** For me, one of the best moments of author life is when my publisher and I finalize a cover for one of my upcoming books. Even though I’ve spent countless hours pecking away at the keyboard striving to bring my characters to life, seeing that cover makes the book feel more real. A giddiness tickles my chest. A palpable excitement courses through me at the thought of sharing the image that captures the essence of the love story. Getting a chance to share a DOUBLE cover reveal for my novella HOLIDAY HOME RUN and ANCHORED HEARTS, book 2 in my Keys to Love series, thanks to Fresh Fiction is. . .  ¡Bueno, it’s fantastico! Definitely a first time I’ll always remember! HOLIDAY HOME RUN features Julia Fernandez, a cousin of my beloved Fernandez sisters in the MATCHED TO PERFECTION series. Julia’s an event planner, in…

Cynthia Breeding | Scandinavia
Author Guest / September 23, 2020

Scandinavia. . . Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. . . are beautiful countries. Until COVID raised its ugly head this year, most travelers chose cruise ships for these destinations since all the major cities can be accessed by ship as well as the spectacular fjords, but taking a bus/land tour with a much smaller group of people has its benefits. It presents the opportunity to learn more about the people and the land than what a short day excursion while in port can provide. Denmark is, as they say, “flat as a pancake” and everyone (everyone!) owns a bicycle.  Part of the reason is that there is a 150 percent surcharge on personal cars, although the Danes can get a “business” plate. Cycling also keeps them incredibly fit and healthy in spite of a penchant for ice cream and waffles. Historically, the Danes were powerful, having control of both Norway and Sweden for centuries. (Remember Hamlet?)  Odense is the home of Hans Christian Anderson and a museum there has beautiful editions of The Little Mermaid. Sweden is very pastoral, with forests and a huge lake (Lake Vattern) that nearly bisects the country. Stockholm is actually a city of many islands crisscrossed…

Kerrigan Byrne | Exclusive Interview: ALL SCOT AND BOTHERED
Author Guest / September 23, 2020

Welcome back to Fresh Fiction, Kerrigan! Can you give us a little bit of background on the Devil You Know series and what you’re most excited about in book 2, ALL SCOT AND BOTHERED?   Hi! I have to say this is one of my favorite places in the world to virtually be! Here at Fresh Fiction with you guys. The Devil You Know Series follows three rebellious, red-headed girls who demand the same privileges, freedoms, and education as men. So, in finishing school they formed a society called “The Red Rogues” where they dressed in trousers, read banned books, drank like they weren’t supposed to, and promised never to marry. Of course, they meet the man who entices them to go back on their word! Now, what I love about All Scot and Bothered is that it might be the most fun I’ve ever had with enemies to lovers and opposites attract. Ramsay (the hero) is the opposite of the anti-heroes I’m used to in that he never bends the rules. He’s a perfectionist. He’s grumpy, critical, dangerous, and it was OH SO satisfying to watch as Cecelia unravels his entire world and makes him lose control. At a surface level, Cecelia…