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Danielle Dresser | Gratitude in 2020 + LSA Giveaway!
Author Guest / November 16, 2020

2020 has been a YEAR. I know I don’t have to go on and on about the trials and tribulations associated with it, but with the US Thanksgiving holiday next week, I decided to practice gratitude and think about the things I’m grateful for… some of these are silly, some are serious, and some are, of course, books. Keurig K-Cafe Coffee, Latte, and Cappuccino Maker  This was one of our early pandemic purchases and it has made my life so much better. I’m not saying I stopped going to Starbucks, but having the ability to make delicious lattes at home with just a few pushes of a button has changed my life–and probably the lives of the two people I live with, who know I must be caffeinated to be remotely pleasant. Harlequin Desire Category Romances 2020 will be the year of desire for me… Harlequin Desire, that is. Between the recent cover style revamp and the current crop of authors writing for this line, Harlequin Desire romance novels have saved my life this year. When things began in March, I was in a huge reading slump, and the comfort I found in reading about outrageously beautiful and unfathomably wealthy…

Melanie Hansen | Title Challenge: TRUSTING A WARRIOR
Author Guest / November 16, 2020

Hi, everyone! Thanks for joining me today to celebrate the release of TRUSTING A WARRIOR, the third book in my Loving a Warrior series! Each book stands alone, but all are interconnected, and I think Geo and Lani’s story in TRUSTING is my favorite. Geo is a SEAL K9 handler who’s grieving the loss of his mentor and friend. Lani’s just gone through a painful breakup with her childhood sweetheart. Together they find understanding, healing, and of course love. If you want to read about a Navy SEAL who lets himself be vulnerable, a woman who takes charge of her own future, plus one badass military working dog, then TRUSTING A WARRIOR is for you! T is for a tactical mission, the one where the dog saves your life. R is for realizing that sometimes you can’t do it alone. U is for understanding that healing takes time. S is for seeing your own worth. T is for trusting your instincts. I is for the inner strength you didn’t know you had. N is for Navy SEALs aren’t superheroes, no matter how much they’d like to think they are. G is for good dog! * A is for always loyal,…