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Nalini Singh | Exclusive Excerpt: ARCHANGEL’S SUN
Author Guest / November 19, 2020

“I’ve never known why he did it,” Sharine said, and right then, she was magnificent in her cold anger. “If I ever see him again, I will ask him—if I can stop myself from first stabbing out his eyes.” Titus approved of her bloodthirsty need for vengeance. “I think at times, that I should release the anger,” she said, “that my vengeance should be to erase him from my thoughts.” “You can erase his face and his eyes instead,” Titus muttered. “And release your anger in his flesh.” It would still not be enough. An unexpected burst of that astonishing laughter that was sunshine falling in a rain over him. He clenched his gut against the glory of it. If he’d thought her beautiful before. . . well, if the Hummingbird was beautiful, Sharine with her blade of a tongue and golden laughter was extraordinary. Fighting the urge to touch her, this being beyond his reach, he said, “Am I to take it that you have no more feelings for the blue-green donkey?” He had to break the moment, break his entrancement. “If you are pining for him, admit it now so that I can smite you for bad taste.” “Smite me?”…

Paige Tyler | 20 Questions: WOLF UNTAMED
Author Guest / November 19, 2020

1–What’s the name of your latest release?  Wolf Untamed 2–What is it about?  Wolf Untamed is the 11th book in the Special Wolf Alpha Team series. In this story, Officer Diego Miguel Martinez and his SWAT team of werewolves have been dealing with a city gone mad. People are behaving strangely, committing violent crimes out of the blue, without even remembering it. Is it delirium–a new drug supposedly flooding the streets–or is it something much more terrifying? Bree Harlow is dealing with issues of her own. Her ex-husband was sent to prison and her son, Brandon, has been struggling. He’s been acting out and getting into more and more trouble, and Bree has no clue what to do next. When she takes him out for breakfast at their favorite diner, hoping to get him to open up about what’s wrong, the situation takes a drastic turn after someone walks into the place with a gun. As Diego and some of the other members of the SWAT team show up to help, Bree’s life is sent careening down a completely unexpected path. Bree’s son is definitely dealing with some big issues, just not the issues she assumed. 3–What word best describes…