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Sidney Bell | Author-Reader Match: THIS IS NOT THE END
Author Guest / January 12, 2021

Instead of trying to find your perfect match in a dating app, we bring you the “Author-Reader Match” where we introduce you to authors as a reader you may fall in love with. It’s our great pleasure to present Sidney Bell! Writes: While I normally write M/M Romantic Suspense, I’m branching out a bit with a polyamorous contemporary this time. THIS IS NOT THE END is about a fiercely devoted—if untraditional—married couple and the man who unexpectedly complicates their lives. Zac and Anya may welcome other men into their bed occasionally, but they only have room in their hearts for each other. Until, that is, Anya offers her husband a threesome with his deeply reserved best friend, Cal. But what starts as an invitation for a casual night of pleasure soon transforms into something that could risk every bond that exists between them. About: Author who writes character-driven, emotionally-complicated stories is in search of readers who like same. Lovers of beta heroes, competent women, and loud arguments about alfredo (which, to be clear, are only about alfredo because arguing about your fears and vulnerabilities is way harder) should apply early and often. I’d say that I like candlelit dinners and walks…

Sam Tschida | Location Scouting for SIRI, WHO AM I?
Author Guest / January 12, 2021

When I was working on the original proposal for SIRI, WHO AM I? in the Fall of 2018, I went on a trip to Long Beach, California. The trip had nothing to do with the book. In fact, I was actually headed there to help my boyfriend, Terrell, file custody paperwork, and be a supportive girlfriend. It was neither glamorous nor vacation-y. However, I hadn’t been on any sort of vacation for quite a while, and there were palm trees so it worked for me. Not long before the trip, the woman who I pitched the book to (Hi Blair!), suggested I set it in New York or LA. Because I was headed there anyway, I decided to take notes. This was my first trip to Long Beach so the few places I visited turned into the setting for the story. If I stopped into a bodega for a water, it was likely to become the setting for one of Mia’s make-out sessions or a revelation about her identity. Before I go on, you should know the premise of the book: Mia wakes up completely alone in an LA hospital (in a Prada gown and a tiara) with amnesia and…

Jennifer Probst | 20 Questions: OUR ITALIAN SUMMER
Author Guest / January 12, 2021

1–What is the title of your latest release?  OUR ITALIAN SUMMER 2–What is it about?  Three generations of women in the Ferrari family must heal the broken pieces of their lives on a trip of a lifetime through picturesque Italy. 3–What do you love about the setting of your book?  The book literally takes you through a tour of Italy, from Rome all the way to Tuscany. It’s full of amazing food, wine, and experiences that Italy is beloved for. 4–How did your heroine(s) surprise you?  There are actually three heroines in this book. Francesca is 49, Allegra is 18, and Sophia is 75! I love diving into the various points of view for each age. I think what surprised me the most about all of them is the inner strength each of them have to keep them pushing through challenges. 5–Why will readers love your hero(es)?  There are two main heroes in this book! Enzo is the Italian tour guide, and Ian is one of the tour members from Ireland. Enzo falls for Francesca, and Ian falls for Allegra. These love stories are both very different but extremely emotional and poignant. I know these two men will make my…