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Charlie Adhara | 20 Questions: CRY WOLF
Author Guest / January 21, 2021

1–What is the title of your latest release? CRY WOLF 2–What is it about? CRY WOLF is the fifth book in my series following snarky human agent Cooper Dayton and his werewolf partner Oliver Park who work together to solve twisty mysteries. This time the guys are officially moved in together with no case to travel for. .  .so naturally, trouble arrives on their doorstep instead. An old adversary warns Cooper he’s in danger, Park’s ex Eli shows up in desperate need of help, a casual trip to the zoo turns up a dead body in the sea lion pool, and, perhaps most stressful of all, there’s a certain someone’s wedding to plan. 3–What do you love about the setting of your book?  Zoos have always had a somewhat surreal quality for me. That idea of controlled danger, manufactured wilderness, nature at its most unnatural. It was incredibly fun to lean into that and take the guys off the usual path (literally) to explore behind the scenes and blur the lines between who’s caging who. 4–How did Oliver Park surprise you?  Park had to grow up fast and be the “strong guy” in control for most of his life, which…

Fresh Fiction Reviewer Spotlight: Rosie Bindra
Author Guest / January 21, 2021

We are joined today by one of our long-time reviewers, Rosie Bindra, who has been sharing her book opinions with Fresh Fiction since 2005!  Your Name Rosie Bindra How long have you been a Fresh Fiction reviewer?  Since 2005 What are your favorite genres to read and review? Fantasy, Cozy, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance What are your TOP 3-5 Books of 2020? Killer Chardonnay by Kate Lansing Hunting for a Highlander by Lynsay Sands How to Love Your Elf by Kerrelyn Sparks What do you like to do outside of reading? Traveling is a huge passion. One of the neatest places I’ve been is Utqiaġvik, Alaska (formerly known as Barrow) which is the northernmost city in the United States and in the Arctic Circle. What are some of your holiday traditions? No tree until Dec. 1st. I’m not sure how this came about (probably my fault for always wanting the tree up for my birthday) but I have banned from putting the Christmas tree up any earlier. What are your reading resolutions/intentions/goals for 2021? Get more reading for reviews done What do you love about being a Fresh Fiction Book Reviewer? Getting to sample authors/genres that I…

Suleikha Snyder | Exclusive Excerpt: BIG BAD WOLF
Author Guest / January 21, 2021

She was a bleeding heart. She was going off the deep end. She was becoming a furry—not that there was anything wrong with that. She knew a few really nice furries. No, it was more like she was becoming one of those women who turned prison pen pal to guys like Bundy and Richard Ramirez. There were a dozen explanations going through Neha’s head when she left lockup and returned to the real world, but there was only one image. Joe Peluso, right before he kissed her. That brutish face, still a little bruised and cut. And his eyes. Looking too far. Seeing too much. She’d dealt with plenty of sexual overtures, but she’d never, ever had anyone look at her that way. Like she was the beginning, middle, and end. He wanted her. No, more than that, he craved her. She’d never been the subject of this kind of desire. The men she’d dated… She’d had to work them to arousal, convince them to do the same for her. Usually in exchange for a blow job. They’d never been turned on just by being near her. She’d never been out of her head just being around one of them….