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Danielle R. Graham | Exclusive Interview: ALL WE LEFT BEHIND
Author Guest / March 31, 2021

Welcome to Fresh Fiction, Danielle! Please tell us about yourself and your new book, ALL WE LEFT BEHIND.  Thank you for the invitation to be here! A little about me is that I am a child and family counsellor in private practice and I split time between Vancouver and Mayne Island Canada. I write historical fiction as Danielle R. Graham and contemporary fiction as D.R. Graham. All We Left Behind debuted on the Toronto Star and Globe & Mail Bestsellers lists in Canada and released in the US on March 30th! All We Left Behind is an emotional untold story of World War II, set against the backdrop of the internment of Japanese Canadians from Mayne Island, BC. Mark Sakamoto, author of Forgiveness, and winner of CBC Canada Reads, calls All We Left Behind, “As heartwarming as it is heartbreaking.” Glynis Peters, international bestselling author of The Secret Orphan, calls it, “Heart-wrenching. Emotional. A powerful story of wartime love and devotion.”   I haven’t read many books set during WWII in Canada. What made you set your novel in British Columbia?  I grew up in Steveston BC, which is a predominately Japanese-Canadian fishing village and I have a family cottage…

Jo Ann Brown | Exclusive Excerpt: A WISH FOR HOME
Author Guest / March 30, 2021

[Lauren’s] fingers tightened on the steering wheel as she descended a steep hill toward a covered bridge. It was over Bliss Creek. Most of the covered bridges in the county were only a single lane, so she must be sure no other vehicle was passing through it. She doubted many plain folks would be out in their gray buggies on such an inclement night, but she couldn’t assume. Not after the bane of her childhood, Adam Hershberger, had lost his parents when a car sped through a covered bridge without checking that no other vehicle was inside it. Adam and Samuel and Joel…and her one-time best friend Naomi Gingerich. She hadn’t thought in years about any of the kids who would have graduated with her from the plain school. Were they still living in Bliss Valley? Regret clamped onto her. Though she didn’t care what had happened to those three cruel boys, she should have made more of an effort to stay in touch with Naomi. The two of them had been inseparable until her parents had jumped the fence into the Englisch world a few months before eighth grade graduation. She shoved the memories aside. Each memory made her…

Jackie Ashenden | Title Challenge: DEEP RIVER PROMISE
Author Guest / March 30, 2021

D  Donuts! The best kind, from April’s diner E   Extremely scenic E   Excessive amounts of sexual tension P  Pilot – who doesn’t love a bush pilot? * R Ridiculously charming hero I  Ice queen heroine V Very protective teenager AKA Astrid’s son Connor E Emotional R Reluctant falling in love * P  Promises Damon has to keep R   Romance! O  Oh no, Astrid tries very hard not to fall for him and fails M  Moms – Astrid is a single mom I   Intense – Damon is not quite as easy going as he seems S  Sexy times in the library E  Escape to Alaska DEEP RIVER PROMISE by Jackie Ashenden Welcome to Deep River, Alaska Damon Fitzgerald’s only desire is to get back to LA and out of the tiny Alaskan town he’s somehow inherited. But first he has to keep a promise he made to his old army buddy and look out for his friend’s son. That would be a whole lot easier if the kid’s mother wasn’t the mayor of Deep River… Astrid James didn’t ask to be mayor of Deep River but since she is, she intends to do right by the town…

Victoria Schade | Exclusive Excerpt: LOST, FOUND, AND FOREVER
Author Guest / March 29, 2021

For a moment, she allowed herself to experience what Griffin McCabe might have felt when he discovered that his dog was missing. Did he stay out all night looking for him? did he put up lost dog posters with Spencer’s photo? How long did he keep hoping he’d turn up? Did he cry? Her heart twisted as she realized that Griffin’s “missing” dog was resting safe and sound beside her and he had no clue. Based on the Facebook post, he hadn’t given up hope, even after a year with no leads. She closed her eye in defeat. Damn it, she had to do it, and it had to happen now. If she waited, she’d find a million reasons not to call. but now, on a dead-end day when she could feel his loss in the pit of her belly, she could allow it. It wasn’t fair to let the stranger continue to wonder if his dog was dead or alive. but… but what if he was an a-hole and demanded that she give him back? And who actually owned Spencer Was there a statute of limitations on pet parenthood? Justine felt herself getting preemptively angry at Griffin. “No matter what…

Jennie Marts | 20 Questions: WHEN A COWBOY LOVES A WOMAN
Author Guest / March 29, 2021

1–What is the title of your latest release? WHEN A COWBOY LOVES A WOMAN, book 2 in the Creedence Horse Rescue series 2–What is it about? It’s a second chance love story for two people who both lost their spouses. It has an adorable ten-year-old girl, a feisty eighty-year-old, and a rescued horse who loves to be sung to. A kitchen fire forces Elle Brooks to move in with her friend, Bryn, and her motley collection of rescue animals. Spending time with the hunky veterinarian, Brody Tate, and his spunky young daughter as they rehabilitate rescued horses reminds her of all she lost in a car crash years ago. The hope of a future brings these two wounded souls together. 3–What do you love about the setting of your book?  I love getting to go back to the town of Creedence and spend time on the Heaven Can Wait Horse Rescue Ranch. There is such a fun crew of animals there, from an ornery goat to a fashion-conscious pig to a mini-horse who loves jelly beans. And this new book will introduce you to some adorable new animals that readers won’t be able to help but fall in love with….

Carol Ericson | Exclusive Excerpt: THE SETUP
Author Guest / March 29, 2021

Jake propped up the wall outside Captain Castillo’s office in the Northeast Division with one shoulder. Castillo hated tardiness almost as much as he hated the press. Jake hadn’t bothered knocking on the office door because he could hear Castillo’s voice on the other side. He’d end the phone call at precisely three thirty and open that door, expecting Jake to be standing right where he was. And if he weren’t there? He didn’t know. He’d never tempted fate like that. He had to play by certain rules so that he could break others. The low drone of Castillo’s voice stopped, and Jake stood at attention. The door swung open, framing Castillo, navy suit slightly rumpled, salt-and-pepper hair already escaping from the pomade Castillo slathered on his head. The captain nodded once. “McAllister.” Jake followed the captain into the room, taking the lone chair on the other side of the functional desk, and dove right in. “I’m assuming this is about the two murders.” “It is. We’ve identified the second victim, Kelsey Lindquist.” Castillo shoved a picture of a pretty blonde across his desk. “No connection to Marissa Perez that we can see. They didn’t know each other, live in…

Kym Roberts | Cozy Corner: Break Away with a Mystery
Author Guest / March 29, 2021

Everyone needs a break, including authors. I’ve been on a personal hiatus for several months from everything but family, and I have to say it was nice. Like all good things, however, my recess had an end date. Now I’m back with fresh a perspective, and a whole bunch of books to talk about! (No reader actually takes a break from cracking open a new book, do they?) While away I found several new authors that made me wonder what rock I’ve been under the past few years. (No, it wasn’t Dwayne.) I mean seriously, these are good books, how did I miss them? One series in particular just rocked my world, the Veronica Speedwell Mystery series by Deanna Rayburn.  And this series has the added bonus of audiobooks performed brilliantly by Angele Masters. I was hooked with the first book A Curious Beginning and lucky for me, book six, An Unexpected Peril, was released March 10, 2021—Yay! So yes, since December I have listened to books 1-5 and have thoroughly loved the characters and the mysteries and I’m totally thrilled to have this latest release in cue for this weekend! An Unexpected Peril  A Veronica Speedwell Mystery by Deanna Rayburn 3/10/2021 A…

Babette de Jongh | Exclusive Excerpt: WARM NIGHTS IN MAGNOLIA BAY
Author Guest / March 26, 2021

He turned on the lamp, pulled up a footstool, and sat in front of her. Reluctantly, it seemed, he held out his injured hand. “Ow!” Abby commiserated. That bird had taken a chunk out of Quinn’s pointer finger, just below the middle knuckle. “You need stitches.” “I’ve fixed worse cuts than this with duct tape.” He dug through the kit and handed over a tube of Neosporin. “Just get on with it.” “How did he get you so bad?” As gently as she could, she smeared the antibiotic cream over the open gash. “Made the mistake of leaning my hand on the aviary wire when I poured the food into his bowl.” He handed over a fresh Band-Aid. “I won’t do that again.” “I’m sorry. I hate that you’re having to do all this for me.” She wrapped the Band-Aid around his finger and smoothed down the adhesive edges. “My fault, remember?” He replaced the bandages and Neosporin and snapped the lid shut. “Can you please stop apologizing?” “I’m sorry.” He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “How does your foot feel?” The throbbing pain from earlier this morning now burned with the heat of a thousand suns….

Amity Hope | Exclusive Excerpt: PINE CREEK COURTSHIP
Author Guest / March 26, 2021

They reached the bakery booth and Levi paid for two funnel cakes. He quickly maneuvered to the edge of the market, away from the bulk of the crowd. “I’m starving,” he admitted as he handed her a plate. “I am too.” She took a big bite. They had left in such a hurry, they hadn’t thought to eat a quick lunch, and she certainly hadn’t had time to pack one. The flower booth had been so busy that taking a break hadn’t been an option. The sinfully delicious concoction of deep-fried dough and sweet powdered sugar seemed to melt in her mouth. She hummed in delight. “Rachael was right. These are appendlitch.” Levi said nothing for a moment. His eyes seemed to be glued to her mouth. She belatedly realized she must’ve made a spectacle with all that powdered sugar. “I’m a mess, aren’t I?” She quickly swiped at her face. When his lips quirked, she realized she’d used the hand that had been holding the powdery funnel cake. “Here,” Levi said. “Let me help.” He gently brushed one cheek, then the other. He hesitated a moment before saying, “You have some…here.” His finger gently brushed the corner of her…

Michelle Major | Exclusive Excerpt: THE LAST CAROLINA SISTER
Author Guest / March 26, 2021

WHEN THE POUNDING STARTED, Ryan Sorensen glanced from the television to the front door and then back again, settling deeper into the faded recliner. Rain beat against the roof of the cottage situated a few blocks from the beach near the town of Magnolia, North Carolina. The Carolina Hurricanes were up by one goal against Detroit with five minutes left in the second period. He was warm, dry and as comfortable as his injured leg would allow. Nothing good would come of answering an insistent knock on a stormy night. His jaw tightened as he imagined what his father would think of him ignoring a person potentially in need of help. Ryan had been taught from a young age that he owed the world something, no matter what the world handed him in return. The lesson had led, in a roundabout sort of way, to a bullet in his leg a month earlier and a colleague and friend dying in his arms. It had been one hell of a difficult pill to swallow. He figured whoever was outside his door would give up eventually. Minutes later the door rattled on its hinges as the pounding increased in intensity. “Hello?” a…