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P.J. Manney | Exclusive Excerpt: (CON)science
Author Guest / April 29, 2021

CHAPTER EIGHT Peter Bernhardt woke up again. He felt odd, unlike anything he had yet experienced as a digital entity. His peripheral vision registered a clean engineering room’s wipeable acoustic tile ceiling and walls. From the ceiling hung three accordioned mobile ventilation ducts. He focused on the square mouth of one duct. The image was clear but edgy, as though his digital vision tried to blend each pixel together into an approximation of human sight, but had not quite succeeded. He lay supine in the center of the room, probably on a workbench or table. Raising his index finger, he tapped the surface three times and heard the muffled thud of a thick silicone skin on metal. The table seemed real, tangible, yet his finger felt jerky, electronic. He lifted his head and heard the faint sound of servos as he stared down along the length of the table at an android body. The skin appeared to be high-end silicon, with body hair tastefully punctured into the surface. The build was athletic, but not pumped. Slim, but not skinny. Pecs had definition and the stomach was flat, with a subtle six- pack. He lifted his head two centimeters more. Below…

Isabel Cooper | Exclusive Excerpt: THE NIGHTBORN
Author Guest / April 29, 2021

It seems you played a few cards right, a familiar mental voice said as the butler opened the door to Branwyn’s room. I can’t enjoy a room like this as I once did, but it’s a much finer view than the inn. Yathana was lying across the foot of Branwyn’s bed, three feet of straight, razor-edged steel in a scabbard covered with midnight-blue silk, with thin golden chains connecting small amethysts and garnets. Her hilt appeared gold too—a thin layer of gilt did wonders—and the eye-sized fire opal in the center of her guard was now flanked by two chunks of amber on the quillons and another on the pommel. Seventeen years of partnership had given Yathana’s normal form time to sink very deeply into Branwyn’s consciousness, and even after two months of practice, the additions stood out whenever she had occasion to examine the soulsword. Adapting to the shifts in balance had come more easily, praise the Four. “It looks wonderful,” she said to the butler, though she really hadn’t even noticed the room save for marking a window opposite the door—real glass, not shuttered, and framed by heavy rose-pink curtains. “Thank you.” “The maids will have put your…

Terry Spear | 20 Questions: THE WOLF WORE PLAID
Author Guest / April 29, 2021

1–What is the title of your latest release? The Wolf Wore Plaid 2–What is it about? The Highland lass is a little too unpredictable for him, but maybe that’s what the Highland wolf needs in his life. Heather MacNeill has always had a crush on Enrick MacQuarrie, but no real hope to snag his interest as he’s too wrapped up in being the secondary pack leader in his Highland pack. Work always come first. Until, a movie is being filmed at Enrick’s castle. To Enrick’s consternation, he learns the American movie star who plays the lord of the castle is a man who could be his clone. Worse, the enemy clan they’ve battled it out with for centuries is bent on revenge because the film isn’t being shot at their own castle. What begins as a need to keep Heather MacNeill safe, and for her to do the same for him as the battle between the clans escalates, turns into something much deeper between the wolves who have known each other forever. Maybe her wildness is rubbing off on him, but is that a bad thing? 3–What do you love about the setting of your book? It’s in Scotland! I’ve…