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Coreene Callahan | Soundtrack for FURY OF PERSUASION
Author Guest / June 15, 2021

I never used to listen to music while writing. But after the pandemic hit, and we went into lockdown, everything changed. It’s been a year unlike any other as I’ve adjusted to having my kids and husband home full-time. The vibration—along with the noise level—in my house shifted. The added energy seeped under my writing lair door, disrupting my muse (the little bugger likes the status quo), and with him in full-blown meltdown, my ability to get into the flow floundered. With deadlines on the horizon, I needed to keep writing, so… Enter the solution—Noise Cancelling Headphones. A gift from God. A happy accident. There’s something about being flexible—adaptive in the moment—that pays off. I resisted at first, trying to power through, but in the end, hopped on Amazon and ordered a pair of NC headphones. And surprise, surprise, it not only worked but also expanded my horizons. Since then, I’ve discovered that each book takes on a musical personality of its own. It happens organically over the course of writing a book. No plans in the beginning. No driving intention behind the process. But by the end, I’m listening to the same string of songs over and over, until…

Hannah McKinnon | 20 Questions: MESSAGE IN THE SAND
Author Guest / June 15, 2021

1–What is the title of your latest release? MESSAGE IN THE SAND 2–What is it about? MESSAGE IN THE SAND is a love story: the love of small town life, teenage love, rekindled adult love, and what makes up the fabric of family. MITS is about a young war veteran suffering from PTSD, Wendell Combs, who returns to the sleepy small town of Saybrook, CT where he works on the lush and private estate, White Pines, for the Lancaster family. After a heartbreaking loss, all Wendell wants, and feels he deserves, is to be left alone. The Lancaster family, however, has different plans for him. Despite his best intentions, Wendell feels the pull of the family unit, especially fifteen-year-old Julia, their eldest and strong-willed teenage daughter. Julia has her sights set on a summer riding her horse, swimming in the lake of White Pines, and spending time with the boy next door, who she has never really noticed, but now fears she may be falling in love with. One perfect summer night, as Julia’s family hosts their glamorous annual gala, a tragic accident occurs that no one in the close-knit community could have imagined. The accident leaves Wendell and the…