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Liana de la Rosa | 20 Questions: TO TEMPT A SCANDALOUS LORD
Author Guest / June 23, 2021

1–What is the title of your latest release? TO TEMPT A SCANDALOUS LORD 2–What is it about? Niall, the Marquess of Inverray, is standing for Prime Minister when anonymous political tracts circulate that critique his campaign, and he’s determined to find the writer and put a stop to them. Little does he know the writer is Alicia, the dowager Countess Lindsay…his new bride of convenience. 3–What do you love about the setting of your book?  This book delves a bit into the political climate of the time, which is not something I initially intended to include. But since Niall is standing for Prime Minister and Alicia pens political tracts, I wanted to include details about the issues that the country was grappling with in 1834, and I found myself intrigued by how political and social life was changing even while some factions were determined it should remain the same. 4–How did your heroine surprise you?  For all the challenges and heartbreak that Alicia has experienced in her life, she is still motivated by kindness. By a fierce sense of justice and equality. And because she feels so strongly about those things, her wealth of love is endless. 5–Why will readers…

Anna Harrington | Exclusive Excerpt: AN EXTRAORDINARY LORD
Author Guest / June 23, 2021

Now level with his, her eyes gleamed in the darkness from beneath her hood. He could practically see the thoughts spinning through that sharp mind of hers as she tried to come up with an explanation he would believe. He didn’t doubt for one moment that the little minx wouldn’t lie to him to keep her— She cupped his face between her hands and kissed him. Surprised, he caught his breath as her warm lips touched his. The kiss was nothing more than a feathery tickle, a soft whisper so light that he found himself leaning toward her to increase the pressure beyond this mere teasing. Sweet Lucifer. She tasted of wine and adventure, spiced oranges and exotic places…danger. And he drank her in. Her lips were soft and supple as they caressed his. Amazement swept through him that she should be so delicate beneath the hard surface she showed to the world, that he could taste an uncertainty in her that suggested a deeper vulnerability. The intrigue of her simply captivated him. She was kissing him merely to distract him. No other reason. He wasn’t arrogant enough to believe otherwise. Yet that didn’t stop his blood from heating as…