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Kerry Lonsdale | Exclusive Excerpt: NO MORE WORDS
Author Guest / July 7, 2021

She runs to the car. When she reaches Josh, she grabs his elbow, startling him. He takes a swing at her. The back of his hand connects with her cheekbone. She rears back, palm cupped over her cheek. “Ow.” She rubs the burn from her face. “What was that for?”  Josh points at the car. “Go.”  “I’m not leaving you.” He’s scared and confused, she won’t walk away from him.  “Go.” He reaches for the passenger door, and she realizes he’s telling her he wants them to leave.  “All right, we’ll go.” He opens the door again and drops into the passenger seat.  She starts to close his door and stops. “That man in the picture, you sure you’ve seen him before?” she asks with trepidation, hoping she’s wrong. That he’s wrong, and he’s mistaking Dwight for someone else. Josh nods. “He’s my dad, your grandfather.”  A tear rolls down his face. “I know.”  Olivia feels a sting in her eyes. It hurts to breathe, like she’s cracked a rib. “When did you meet him?”  “Before.” He touches the spot on his hat that covers his scar.  Before his head injury.  Olivia glances away. Oh. God. She takes a breath….

Janice Cantore | Top Five Places to Work Out Plot Problems
Author Guest / July 7, 2021

Every writer struggles at one point or another with plot glitches, mid-book sag, or general story problems or inconsistencies. I’m not sure how everyone deals with these issues, but I know how I do. I must get away from the desk. Here are my top five places to go and work out the kinks, the wrinkles, and the blank pages. Ranked in reverse order. 5–Writer’s conference: This is actually a great place to help any writer struggling with a story; it’s only ranked last because it’s hit-or-miss that you’ll be having a plot problem with a conference right around the corner. A conference is a great place to stir creative juices. 4–Coffee shop: When I first started writing, a coffee shop was my go-to place to scribble out a story sketch. The shop where I lived at the time had great coffee and the perfect atmosphere to sit with pen and paper. (That’s how I plot; the computer comes later.) Unfortunately, I’ve not found a coffee shop that suits me as well as that first one did. 3–Dog walks: I have two Labs, Abbie and Tilly, and we walk three miles every morning. I love this time, early in the…