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Faith Hunter | Author-Reader Match: TRUE DEAD
Author Guest / September 13, 2021

Instead of trying to find your perfect match in a dating app, we bring you the “Author-Reader Match” where we introduce you to authors you may fall in love with. It’s our great pleasure to present Faith Hunter! Writes: Hi All! I’m Faith Hunter, and currently, I am writing three series: The longest-running is the Urban Fantasy, Jane Yellowrock series, set in New Orleans, La. and Asheville, NC. The Soulwood series is a Paranormal Police Procedural series set in the same world as Jane Yellowrock, but features magic-user, agent rookie Nell Ingram, in Knoxville, TN. Lastly, the Junkyard Cats series is completely unrelated to Jane’s world. It’s a Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi novella series, starring Shining Smith…and several special cats! My next book is TRUE DEAD, number 14 in the Jane Yellowrock series. TRUE DEAD is an urban fantasy with mixes of mystery, action-adventure, amazing fight scenes, and just enough sizzle to keep things interesting. The series features Jane Yellowrock—biker-chick/hunter of rogue-vampires/Cherokee skinwalker who accidently absorbed the soul of a mountain lion in a desperate, unintentional act of black magic when she was five years old. She is a contradictory blend of strength and vulnerability—a gun-toting Harley rider, a tribal war woman, and a magic-using skinwalker….

Debbie Wiley | Discovering New Women in History
Author Guest / September 13, 2021

History was one of my least favorite classes in school. Don’t get me wrong–I had some great teachers and I enjoyed a lot of the South Carolina history we were taught, but a lot of what we learned seemed far off and not relevant to my life. I knew that wasn’t true because one of my awesome teachers quoted us time and again about not forgetting the past or being doomed to repeat it, but I didn’t see it reflected through the history books we studied. Very little was taught about the various individual lives of people, in particular the women in history. Anne Frank’s story brought to life what the Jewish people suffered under Hitler, but I learned about her mainly through my literature classes. In fact, it was through literature classes that I learned about how women were treated as property or outcasted from society for exhibiting behaviors identical to the men of their times. Now here I sit, many, many years later, and I am still learning through literature. Whether it’s a graphic novel, such as PERSEPOLIS by Marjane Satrapi, or a novel such as BRIGID OF KILDARE by Heather Terrell, there is so much history to…