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Teri Wilson | 20 Questions: A SPOT OF TROUBLE
Author Guest / September 14, 2021

1–What is the title of your latest release? A SPOT OF TROUBLE 2–What is it about? A SPOT OF TROUBLE is a sweet 101-Dalmatians-inspired romantic comedy about a cupcake baker and a new-to-town firefighter who both have two very opposite pet Dalmatians. 3–What do you love about the setting of your book?  The setting of this book is a fictional, small North Carolina beach town called Turtle Beach, and it’s actually very near and dear to my heart, because it’s based on a real place called Topsail Island, NC. My family has been visiting Topsail nearly every summer for more than twenty-five years.  4–How did your heroine surprise you?  By listening to her own heart from the very beginning of the book, in spite of her family’s efforts to protect her from getting hurt.  5–Why will readers love your hero?  Readers will love Sam because he’s swoony and stoic and loves Violet just as she is. 6–What was one of your biggest challenges while writing this book (spoiler-free, of course!)?  Not going out and adopting a Dalmatian! Ha! (For real, though.) 7–Do you look forward to or do you dread the revision process?  Revisions are actually my favorite part. I…

Kari Lee Townsend | IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR… + Giveaway!
Author Guest / September 14, 2021

Every year I say I’m not going to start planning for the holidays until after Thanksgiving, but who am I kidding? I start watching Hallmark holiday movies the second they come out, usually before Halloween. With all the shortages in supplies as well as delivery services from the pandemic, this year more than ever it’s time to start planning early. Start what, you ask? Everything, I say! Start making a list and checking it twice. Start reflecting on the past year. Have you been naughty or nice? In NAUGHTY OR NICE, Samantha Darling is through being nice. Nice has gotten her nothing but heartache, so she decides to give naughty a try. Getting back at her ex is worth ending up on the naughty list. You’ll have to read the story to see what crazy situation her new motto has landed her in and how she handles it. I have no “real” exes to get back at because I’ve been with my hubby since I was eighteen; but if I did, I could see myself doing what Samantha does. Sometimes I feel like I’ve always been way too nice in life. Don’t get me wrong, I love being nice. Helping…