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Miranda Owen | When Horror and Romance Collide
Author Guest / October 11, 2021

By Fresh Fiction Senior Reviewer Miranda Owen I’m a romance reader but I like when genres mix together in films and in books. Among other things, I think that’s just truer to life. My taste in horror films runs toward cheesy slasher films with exaggerated, fake violence and classic ghost stories. One of my absolute favorite horror films is Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. I like the snappy dialogue, the homages to classic horror actors and directors, but I adore the unexpected romance between the beleaguered Tommy Jarvis and Megan, the sassy daughter of the sheriff. If this wasn’t a horror film, this would make a good “meet-cute.” Megan meets Tommy for the first time while he’s locked up in her father’s jail. Despite the odds, things look hopeful at the end that this couple might have a future together – hooray! That’s the kind of horror/romance mix I love. There are several books that are perfect examples of when romance and horror meet in fiction with stellar results. To Gabriel, the cemetery symbolized the fact that he could never die, that much better people than him left this mortal realm, some far too soon, and he was…