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Charlie N. Holmberg | Exclusive Excerpt: STAR MOTHER
Author Guest / October 27, 2021

Night swallowed the wood whole and completely. As I chewed my bread, I lay back on the blanket, looking for my star. I watched the sky for nearly an hour before she popped up over the tops of the trees. I smiled. The blanket shifted as the dog-sized horse stepped onto it. I glanced over, shocked to see a very solid animal beside me. His coat glimmered like the sky above, shimmering violet where the firelight touched fur. “You’re solid,” I murmured. I had an impulse to touch him, to test my words, but decided better of it. Ristriel seemed a mellow-minded being, but I didn’t want to test his temper. He smiled ever so faintly—at least, as much as a horse could. “Not for long. Not if we stay in this glade.” I sat up. “Why? Is it . . . enchanted?” The horse gave me a wry look. “No. Only open to the sky.” He tilted his muzzle upward. I tried to see what he saw, but there was nothing special in the heavens tonight except for my star, who twinkled merrily among her siblings. I wondered if she’d seen my tapestry. The first-quarter moon peeked over the tops of…

Amalie Howard | Title Challenge: RULES FOR HEIRESSES
Author Guest / October 27, 2021

RULES FOR HEIRESSES is the second romance novel in my Daring Dukes series with Sourcebooks Casablanca, and it features a biracial hero who is trying to find his place, along with a fearless and very stubborn heroine who tends to leap before she looks (and gets into a boatload of trouble because of it). I’ve literally been told that I’ve done that my entire life. Lol. Sometimes, it pays to pause and think before acting, and I love that both my heroine and the hero meet the people who help them grow and really appreciate who they are. This novel is set in 1864 and spans from Antigua in the Caribbean (I am a Caribbean born West Indian author, so fist bump!) to the glittering ballrooms of London. My hero, Courtland Chase who was chased away by his family, is determined to make a life for himself outside of England. When my heroine, Ravenna Huntley, crashes into his hotel, while pretending to be a man and on the run from her own obligations, two old friends come face to face…and lip to lip. Obviously, they have to marry because, gasp, they have been seen in flagrante delicto, and while they’re…