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Chandra Blumberg | Exclusive Interview: DIGGING UP LOVE
Author Guest / January 4, 2022

Danielle Jackson: Welcome to Fresh Fiction, Chandra, and congrats on your debut novel, DIGGING UP LOVE! Can you tell us your “journey into publishing” story?   Chandra Blumberg: Thank you, Danielle! I always dreamed of becoming an author, but for a long time, I bought into the mistaken belief that writing wasn’t a viable career and getting a book published was as unlikely as hitting the lottery. While I continued to write—mostly short stories and essays I never planned to show anyone—I didn’t seek publication until a few years ago. I started off writing parenthood essays and was in the midst of querying a non-fiction humor manuscript about motherhood when the March 2020 pandemic shutdown hit. At that point, with all the uncertainty in the world and the chaos of a family of six living in quarantine, I was ready to switch gears from writing about my daily life and delve back into fiction. I drafted DIGGING UP LOVE during the covid shutdown as an escape of sorts and got so much joy from spending time with my characters and story. The adage about writing the book you want to read really held true for me. I took what I’d…

Susan May Warren | 20 Questions: SUNRISE
Author Guest / January 4, 2022

1–What is the title of your latest release? SUNRISE (Sky King Ranch book 1) 2–What’s the “elevator pitch” for your new book? SUNRISE is the beginning of a new series…so let’s start with that:  The epic plot of the television series “24” find their way to Alaska and fall into the hands of three ex-military brothers. Small town Alaska. Bush pilots. Three ex-military heroes. The Kingston triplets have come home defeated, broken from war and feeling anything but heroic. But the sons of Sky King ranch have returned home just in time. Because the world is in danger, and these flyboys, rescuers and soldiers just might be the only ones who can save it. It’s a fight to save the people—and country—they love, and along the way, they’ll discover healing and become the heroes they are meant to be. SUNRISE: What if the woman who broke your heart was waiting for you back home…hoping for forgiveness? Can broken warrior find his way home to a happy ending? 3–How did you decide where your book was going to take place? Oh, I love Alaska. Next to Montana, it’s my go-to for the best place to set an epic romantic adventure. I’ve…

Radhika Sanghani | Exclusive Interview: 30 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MYSELF
Author Guest / January 4, 2022

Welcome to Fresh Fiction, Radhika, and congrats on the publication of your book, 30 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MYSELF! The concept of this book is so much fun and follows a woman on a journey of self-discovery and self-love (and acceptance). Where did the inspiration for this novel begin?   It came from my own life! I went on a self-love journey a few years back, in my late twenties, after I had a break-up with the person I thought I’d marry – just like Nina does. It was a really difficult time, but I believe that it’s from the lows that we really grow and evolve, and from then on, my life completely changed for the better. I made a conscious effort to love myself, to ditch my negative self-talk for positivity, and as time went on, I realized I was suddenly thriving in my career, my personal life, and most importantly, with myself. The whole journey was so interesting and funny and hard and important all at once that I knew I wanted to write about it. I decided to turn it into a novel so I could explore a character going on a self-love journey, but also…