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Samanthe Beck | Exclusive Excerpt: PLAYING DIRTY IN ALASKA
Author Guest / January 14, 2022

Exclusive Sneak Peek of Playing Dirty in Alaska for Fresh Fiction Bridget and Archer’s first kiss in four years …. *** “I’m still waiting for that kiss hello.” Bridget looked up at him, eyes hot, slashes of color riding high across her cheekbones. “That’s not fair. You lost the bet.” “All’s fair in love and war,” Archer informed her. She poked a finger into the center of his chest. “There’s no love here.” Another poke. “And I’m not looking for a war. All I want is to be left —” He caught her hand before she poked him a third time. “This isn’t about what you want, remember? This is about what I want.” “Why?” She punctuated the question with a stomp of her foot, followed by a swift breath of pain. Frustration got the better of him. “For fuck’s sake, Bridget, just stand still for thirty seconds and you’ll have what you want, including an answer to that question.” “Ten seconds,” she countered. He rolled his eyes skyward and fished his phone out of his pocket. “Twenty seconds. Final offer. Otherwise, I knock on that door loud enough to wake the whole god-damned town.” “Jesus. Okay.” She shoved a…