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Jennifer Vido | Jen’s Jewels Interview: SOMEBODY’S HOME by Kaira Rouda
Author Guest / January 21, 2022

Jennifer Vido: What inspired your new release, SOMEBODY’S HOME? Kaira Rouda: Actually, although it doesn’t mention the pandemic, the idea was inspired by those lockdown times early in the pandemic where home felt like the only safe place to be. And then I thought, but what if it isn’t. Let’s talk about Julie Jones. What’s happening in her life that sparks a new beginning? Julie realizes her daughter, Jess, is about to leave home for college and she is running out of time to find a real connection between them. Her marriage is a sham, and she is longing for a more genuine life. It’s time for a fresh start: A new home for herself and her daughter. Who is Tom Dean, and what’s his connection to the house Julie and her daughter desire to call home? Tom Dean is a lost twenty-something. He and his father, Doug, are estranged, his father’s wife, his stepmom Sandi, has tried to reach him without success. When Sandi and Doug sell the family home, Tom feels the last connection to his real mom slip away. Tom decides he won’t move from the carriage house in the back, despite the fact the new owners…

Miranda Liasson | Exclusive Excerpt: THE SWEETHEART DEAL
Author Guest / January 21, 2022

“Come out here,” he said insistently but not unkindly. “I have water.” “I’m fine. Really.” She was not going out there with puffy eyes and streaking mascara looking like Frankenstein’s bride. No. Way. “Tessa?” he said. She heard him pace back and forth in front of the stall. She wanted to answer him, except for some reason she started to cry. Silently, of course. But she couldn’t seem to stop. Then Leo said, “I’m coming in.” She heard the thud of his hands hitting the stall door. At the same time, the bathroom door squeaked open again. “Excuse me, young man,” a woman’s voice said, “but what do you think you’re doing?” Oh no. Who…? “Oh, hi,” Leo said. “I’m just talking to my…fiancee.” “Well, I’m in charge of this restroom, and you need to leave right now.” It was a woman with a gravelly voice, like maybe from smoking cigarettes. “Are you okay in there, honey? If you aren’t, just say the word. The police headquarters is right down the hall.” “No, ma’am, you don’t understand,” Leo said. “It’s just–hey!” A scuffling ensued. Was that the sound of Leo being dragged away? The woman’s voice was more distant now,…

Sophie Sullivan | 20 Questions: HOW TO LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR
Author Guest / January 21, 2022

1–What is the title of your latest release? HOW TO LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR 2–What’s the “elevator pitch” for your new book?  When Noah Jansen can’t convince his neighbor, Grace Travis, to sell her home to him, he has some not so neighborly ways to change her mind. 3–How did you decide where your book was going to take place?  Noah Jansen is the brother of Chris Jansen from TEN RULES FOR FAKING IT. He moves to California to be closer to Chris. 4–Would you hang out with your heroine in real life?  Yes! I absolutely would. I’d also let her design my home. 5–What are three words that describe your hero? Charming, Funny, Stubborn 6–What’s something you learned while writing this book?  Writing-wise, I learned more about the editing process. I find it challenging but with this one, I really learned to get into the groove of improving what already existed. Non-writing wise, I learned some of the laws around the removal of palm trees in California 😉 7–Do you edit as you draft or wait until you are totally done? I do edit as I draft. My typical process when I open up my computer is to re-read what…