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Julie James | Wine and Romance—the Perfect Pairing

March 24, 2011

Hello, everyone!

I’m happy to be here today to talk to you about my new release, A LOT LIKE LOVE. Last week I found out that the book has gone into its second printing after only two weeks (whoo-hoo!)—and I’m thrilled the book is connecting so well with readers.

For those of you who’d like to know more about A LOT LIKE LOVE, haven’t read any of my books, or are wondering, “Who is this Julie James person, anyway?”, here’s the scoop: A LOT LIKE LOVE is about a wealthy wine store owner who agrees to pose as the girlfriend of an undercover FBI agent—as part of a sting operation—in exchange for her twin brother’s release from prison.

There were two things I knew when beginning to outline the book.  First, that the heroine would not be a lawyer (unlike the heroines in my first three books).  I guess I wanted to prove to myself that I could write something different.  Second, I knew the book would somehow involve wine.

The wine idea began fermenting in my mind (yes, pun intended) after my husband and I took a trip to Napa Valley.  Wine and romance seemed, to me, like such a natural pairing.  However, I also realized that I needed to do some research.  Sure, I knew a little about wine, but I needed to learn more if I wanted to write a heroine who owns a wine store.  So I interviewed the owner of my local wine shop and shadowed her for a day, and I also took a wine appreciation course.  (Not exactly a hardship, I know.)

The heroine of the book, Jordan Rhodes, isn’t only a wine store owner, she also happens to be a billionaire heiress. She’s smart and sophisticated and not accustomed to meeting guys like the hero, the tall, dark, and smoldering Special Agent Nick McCall.  Unlike the Ralph-Lauren-and-Italian-loafer-wearing types Jordan usually encounters as part of the crème de la crème of Chicago society, Nick is rugged, sarcastic, and wholly unimpressed with the wine scene.   There’s definitely a “dislike at first sight” element to A Lot Like Love, which I put in quotes because we all know the characters are attracted to each other even if they refuse to admit it.  I’m a big fan of the slow burn in romances… the kind of attraction that builds and builds until it explodes when the hero and heroine are least expecting it.

But enough about me, how about you? Do you prefer the “slow burn” romances, or instant attraction?  What do you like to “pair” with a good book? A glass of wine? A hot bath? A quiet house?  I’m giving away a copy of A LOT LIKE LOVE to one person who leaves a comment below.

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