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Sylvia Day – Reaching Out

November 23, 2007

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, if it was that time of year where you live. If not, I hope it was simply a beautiful day for you!

Reaching out to readers is something I really love doing. I travel to as many readers’ conferences/conventions as I can afford, I participate in book signings and guest blog when asked, and I try to keep my website as accessible as possible with areas like my blog and message board, an interactive Q & A section, and fun things like book trailers.

Funny thing is, when I meet up with readers at events I usually talk about anything but my books. Recent all-night reads, favorite recipes, interesting things to see and do in the area, mutual fan-girl moments for other authors… those are the topics I touch on most. I’m a shy person (though some who’ve met me don’t believe it *g*) so focusing on other things is more comfortable for me.

Then, late last month, I tried a new way to interact with readers that I’d never attempted before — podcasting. Have you listened to podcasts? Do you enjoy them? I was a bit apprehensive at first, plus I had to talk about my latest release, A PASSION FOR HIM, since that was the whole point of the interview. Despite my nervousness, I jumped in with both feet and gave it try.

Through the podcast readers can hear me talk about my book in my voice, with all the inflections it carries. It’s another way to interact and when the interview was over, I found I enjoyed it. If you’re curious about the one I did, you can listen to here:

I’d love to hear what you think. (I’ve been too shy to listen to it myself. LOL!) Hugs and Happy Holidays!


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