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Chelsea M. Cameron | Title Challenge: THE GIRL NEXT DOOR
Author Guest / May 26, 2020

The Girl Next Door is a romance about coming home, even when that’s not in your plan. Iris Turner has to move back in with her parents after burning out in the big city, and she’s none too happy about being back in her small Maine town. That is, until she locks eyes with Jude Wicks, who just happens to live next door. Jude is a lobsterwoman, rides a motorcycle, and is full of all kinds of intrigue for Iris. Her plan is still to leave as soon as she can, but they say life happens when you’re busy making other plans. T is for trust your instincts. H is for hot sexytimes! E is for even more sexytimes! * G is for get the girl! I is for Iris! That one was easy. Too bad I didn’t have a J in the title. R is for remember your past, but don’t let it consume you. Jude learns this one for herself. L is for LOBSTER! Obviously. They play a huge role in this book.  * N is for not every failure is bad. Iris learns this one the hard way. E is for even strong people need support. X…

June Rushdan | Title Challenge + Exclusive Excerpt: UNTIL THE END
Author Guest / May 25, 2020

Every so often, we challenge authors to describe their new releases using the letters of their titles! Enjoy this Title Challenge from Juno Rushdan’s latest romantic suspense release, along with an exclusive excerpt from UNITL THE END:  U is for unexpected N is for necessary T is for thrill ride I is for intrigue L is for love * T is for twist H is for heart-stirring E is for entertaining * E is for edge-of-your-seat N is for national security D is for danger Excerpt:  Did you find out why they changed security protocol?” Jess asked, driving the armored truck along the dark, deserted road stretching before her like a giant black hole. “Nope.” Roger stared out the passenger window. “I don’t care either.” She tried ignoring the dread that always bubbled in her gut on Route 15. This road was the worst part of their quarterly drive making deliveries from Nexcellogen to Fort Detrick. Her gaze flicked to the rearview mirror. All clear. She half expected to find the boogeyman chasing up behind them. So ridiculous. Nothing was different about this run—except the sidearms she and Roger both carried. A new security requirement that substantiated the unnerving rumors among the drivers about…

Kevin van Whye | Title Challenge: DATE ME, BRYSON KELLER
Author Guest / May 22, 2020

D is for Dare. Everything in this book starts because of the dare that Bryson Keller accepts. A is for Anticipation. Kai starts to anticipate the time he spends with his fake-boyfriend. T is for Truth. Kai desires to live his truth. E is for Empathy. Kai is surprised by how empathetic and understanding Bryson Keller is. * M is for Music. Both Kai and Bryson connect over their favorite band. E is for Embarrassed. Kai blushes a lot, a fact that Bryson finds cute. * B is for Bryson Keller. The swoon-worthy love interest. R is for Romance. This is a gay Rom-Com. Y is for Yearning. Being a closeted teen can be lonely. S is for Sexuality. This is a coming out story. O is for Open. Kai and Bryson slowly open their hearts, and themselves, to each another. N is for Now. Kai decides to live in the ‘now’ with Bryson. * K is for Kissing. ‘Nuff said. E is for Endure. Kai and Bryson endure trials & tribulations for their happy ending. L is for Life. Kai’s life is forever changed by the dare. L is for Love. This is the story of two boys falling…

Janine Rosche | Title Challenge: THIS WANDERING HEART
Author Guest / May 12, 2020

Who wouldn’t love to read a nice contemporary on-the-road romance right now? Roll down the windows, turn up the tunes, and set your eyes on the horizon with my debut novel, This Wandering Heart. The first book in the Madison River Romance is a second chance love story with what may come across as a too-good-to-be-true hero (I make no apologies) and a relatable heroine with conflicting desires and a haunting history. Take a trip with Robbie and Keira as they revisit their past and hope for a future filled with wonder, wilderness, and a whole lot of wandering. Teacher of geography, Keira Knudsen, has never seen a road she didn’t want to drive or a land she didn’t want to visit. With a History of childhood abuse, she finds safety in Isolation and solo travel where no one can control or harm her anymore. But none of her high school students would ever guess she is the popular, yet anonymous, Social Media influencer Kat * Wanderfull. Guided by her decade-old road Atlas that doubles as her journal, she visits rustic locations, old cities, and National Parks. Unfortunately, to make her Dream come true, and finally Escape her past once…

Emily McKay | Title Challenge: STOYRBOUND
Author Guest / May 7, 2020

My newest YA fantasy novel, Storybound, is about a girl, Edie Keller, who moves to the city where her favorite books are set (in this case Austin, TX) and when she walks through the doors of BookPeople, she walks into the world of those books. It’s all real. The good guys, the bad guys, the book boyfriend she’s been in love with forever. The book boyfriend who dies at the end of the last book. .  . Except he isn’t dead. Not yet anyway. And if she plays her cards right, she just might be able to save his life. Before I get to the actual Title Challenge, I have a funny story to share. I misunderstood the rules for this challenge when I read them. I thought I needed to describe my book using only anagrams of my book title. Which—I’ve gotta say—is a lot harder than the actual challenge. So first, I want to share my anagram solution: Broody book boy toy snubs nutsy nobody! Okay, okay. . . I had to add in an extra s in ‘snubs’ … still, I think I did pretty good! Though, my teenage daughter rolled her eyes and said, “Mom! Please….

Heather McCollum | Title Challenge: HIGHLAND CONQUEST
Author Guest / May 1, 2020

Hello everyone! I am Heather McCollum, Scottish Historical Romance writer, and I’m thrilled to be here at Fresh Fiction today. When I’m not writing marvelous brawny, broody Highlanders, I am usually answering calls of “Mom.” I have three full-of-drama kids, one rescued golden retriever, and one Highland husband of my own. I am also a 9-year survivor of ovarian cancer, lover of hot chai tea lattes, and exuberant baker of all the goodies I should not be eating. My newest release is the first book in a new series, Sons of Sinclair, which is set in 16th-century Scotland, way up in the north. The four books in the series focus on four brothers who were raised by their warlord (some say insane) father as the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Cain Sinclair takes over the chieftainship when his father is killed in battle and decides that to conquer his father’s greatest enemy, he will wed the new woman chieftain of the Sutherland clan. Unfortunately, Ella Sutherland is stubborn on top of being beautiful and brave, and she does not surrender to Cain’s strategically laid plans. Here are some words to give you a flavor of this jaunt through the Highlands….

Marissa Backlin | Bookstore Name Challenge: LOVE’S SWEET ARROW
Author Guest / April 23, 2020

This is our last post this month showcasing Love’s Sweet Arrow. We’ve enjoyed getting to know more about Marissa, the store, and her adorable dogs! We’ll continue to check in with LSA throughout the year. Many thanks to Love’s Sweet Arrow for hanging out with us all month long. In the meantime, remember to support your local independent bookstore!!  Hi everyone! I’m back to do a fun name challenge, acrostic poem style! I hope everyone has been doing well this past week! L—L is for the laughter we all share in the store (You thought I would say ‘love’ I bet!) O—O is for the open doors we hope to have again soon once it’s safe! V—V is for the volumes of love and kind messages we have been receiving since we had to switch to all online ordering, we love reading them! E—E is for everyone who continues to support us through this uncertain time, we truly appreciate every online order and pre-order! S—S is for the super bookstore dogs we have and I live with. Lady and Brando are truly my biggest comfort at this time. * S—S is for the surprise boxes, which are still available in our…

Jill Lynn | Title Challenge: HER HIDDEN HOPE
Author Guest / April 21, 2020

Hi all! I’m Jill Lynn. My latest book, Her Hidden Hope, is in stores now, and I’m excited to chat about it! It’s set in a small Colorado mountain town and includes a spunky two-year-old boy, a golden retriever with the sweetest temperament, and two jaded high school sweethearts who’ve experienced plenty of hardship in the decade they’ve been apart. Here’s a peek at what’s beneath that pretty cover… H – H is for Handsome. Handsome high school sweetheart Evan Hawke is back in Addie’s life; will they be able to make their relationship work this time? E – E is for Evan. Addie Ricci’s never forgotten the boy she once loved. R – R is for Return. There’s nothing like returning to your hometown to start fresh! H – H is for Hero. When Evan is roped into being a hometown hero, will it convince him to stay? I – I is for Inspirational. This is an uplifting, inspirational romance, something I think we can all use a little of right now! D – D is for Digging into the past. Will Addie and Evan’s budding relationship survive what they find? D – D is for Dog. Evan’s dog…

Jennifer Hoopes | Title Challenge: BETTING ON LOVE
Author Guest / April 17, 2020

My newest release is Betting on Love, Book 2 in the Ellis Family Saga. Whitney Carroll is back home in Gatlinburg, Tennessee after divorcing her low-down, cheating husband. First thing on the to-do list: Get a job. Second thing: Just say no to men. Third thing: Don’t fall for the boss. One out of three’s not too bad, right? For Sam Ellis, his to-do list is always work, work, work, trying to keep his family’s legacy alive. Now, out of concern, his siblings bet he can’t keep a girl happy for thirty days, and if he loses, he’s out as CEO. No problem, he can fake a relationship. And he knows just who to ask…his new man-vegan assistant. Yet Whitney’s sexy boss—secret singer and Skee-Ball champion—is definitely NOT boring, and their connection is undeniable. But when a disaster strikes at work, Sam will have to decide if he’s willing to trade in his job for his heart. B is for Bet. But winning means Sam might lose everything. E is for Employment. Whitney needs it. T is for Time. Thirty days and it runs out. T is for Temptation. Their relationship might be fake but a real one tempts them…

Tracey Enerson Wood | Title Challenge: THE ENGINEER’S WIFE
Author Guest / April 8, 2020

My name is Tracey Enerson Wood, and I’m thrilled to chat about my debut novel, THE ENGINEER’S WIFE, on-sale April 7. What fun this is! I never would have thought to look at the title this way. Here’s what I came up with. Would love to hear ideas from readers! Emily Warren Roebling oversaw the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge—yet she was lost in its shadow after the fact. In THE ENGINEER’s WIFE, her story finally gets the spotlight. T— is for Time. It took nearly 14 years to build the Brooklyn Bridge. H— is for Henrietta, one of my favorite characters, whose humor and wise council keep Emily grounded. E— is for Emily, the amazing unsung hero. * E— is for Electricity. They built that amazing bridge without it! N— is for Emily’s true North. You find out what that is at the very end. G— is for Ginormous. A great word to describe the challenge Emily and Wash face. I— is for Ingenuity, they’re building a massive bridge like no other before, and have to solve unique problems. N— is for New York City, the always fascinating city that is the main setting. E— is for Eleanor. A…