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Maxym M. Martineau | My Top 5 Fantasy Novels
Author Guest / June 27, 2019

First off, it’s truly painful to only pick five novels. How on earth am I supposed to do that? There are so many lovelies out there, and I just want to snuggle them all. From stories that sparked inspiration for my own work, Kingdom of Exiles, to just plain amazing concepts… Sheesh. This is so hard! But, as I must follow the rules, I’ll only bend them slightly by admitting the following: I feel like Harry Potter is a given. It completely and totally shaped my childhood, but since that’s on an echelon all its own, I’ll go ahead and pick my top five fantasy novels to date (in no particular order) that get shelved next to JK Rowling for me. Okay, ripping the band-aid off in 3…2…1… A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Mass Okay, so that really should say, A Court of Mist and Fury, but as that’s the second book in the series, you’ll have to start with ACOTR. Now, that’s not to say ACOTR isn’t amazing. I can’t remember if I devoured this story in one sitting or not, but I do recall my husband trying to talk to me, and me consequently…

Joanne Kennedy | Top 5 Second-Chance Romances You NEED to Read!
Author Guest / June 25, 2019

I love second-chance romances. Couples who fall in love only to lose each other have lots of time to stoke the fire as they search for a relationship as intense as their first love. By the time they get back together, the sparks really fly! That’s the case with Jess and Cade in Cowboy Summer, and you’ll find the same heat and passion in these classic novels by some of my favorite authors. I had to put them in alphabetical order (by last name), because I couldn’t choose a favorite! Kari Lynn Dell: Tangled in Texas Kari Lynn Dell’s books are wildly authentic because she’s the real deal—a ranch-raised cowgirl and true-life rodeo competitor. She’s a compelling writer as well, creating characters who are vivid and alive. In this story, physical therapist Tori’s latest client is her ex, bronc rider Delon Sanchez, who’s suffered an injury that may end more than his rodeo career. The chemistry between these two ranges from fiery disputes to touching love scenes, and like all her books, it’s full of heat and action as well as humor and emotional insight. If you want to get a taste of the true cowboy life, you need to…

Sharon Sala | Exclusive Excerpt: A RAINBOW ABOVE US
Author Guest / June 25, 2019

Bowie got out with the purchases he made at Unique Boutique and headed for the door. There wasn’t a woman in sight when he let himself in, but he heard a lot of chatter coming from his bedroom. “Lucy! I’m home!” he yelled. There was a moment of silence. Then the door opened, and Ella came out, laughing. “You sure got our attention with that greeting,” she said. Pearl and Rowan were right behind her. “Bowie, do you remember all those old I Love Lucy reruns we used to watch when you were little?” Pearl asked. Bowie grinned. “I sure do.” “We’re mostly ready,” Ella said, then frowned. “Rowan doesn’t want to go.” “I think she might change her mind,” he said, and handed her the sack. “Go try them on.” Rowan’s eyes widened when she saw the Unique Boutique sack and peeked inside, then clutched the clothes to her chest and ran back into the bedroom. “I’m going to wash up and put on a clean shirt,” Bowie said. Pearl hugged his neck. “You are an old softie…getting your not–really–kin friend something new.” He shrugged. “I haven’t spent a dime of my own money on anyone but myself in…

Paige Tyler | How to Know When You’ve Found the One
Author Guest / June 20, 2019

From Zane’s Point of View “You want to know how a werewolf realizes when they’ve found The One, that one-in-a million soul mate that’s supposed to be out there for all of us?” Zane Kendrick repeated, sure he must have heard the question wrong. When the woman sitting across the table from him nodded, all he could do was stare, not sure how this situation had turned so personal. Zane had arrived at the SWAT compound that morning thinking a local reporter was there to interview him about the narcotics case his pack had helped with recently, but instead he’d walked into the training room to find a blogger from a website called Fresh Fiction waiting for him. Everything had gone pear-shaped in a damn hurry after that. Especially when it became obvious the woman knew he and the rest of the Dallas PD SWAT team were all werewolves. “Yes,” she said. “I’ve heard it’s already happened to several of your pack mates, so I thought it would be a good question to start with. And I have no doubt my readers are going to find it interesting. In fact, several of them have already asked how they can snag…

Kait Ballenger | Cowboys & Wolves: Why This is the Mashup You’ve Been Waiting For + a GIVEAWAY!
Author Guest / June 20, 2019

Let’s get real for a second: paranormal romance readers are looking for something unique. We all love classic paranormal tropes, but in recent years, the true treasures among the genre have taken those classic elements and turned them on their head. Likewise, if you’re a western romance reader, you’re looking for the sexy tried and true cowboys you love but with an extra special, fresh twist. So what if I told you that you could have the best of both worlds? –Cue collective gasps! Paranormal romance with a western twist is exactly what you’ll find in Cowboy in Wolf’s Clothing, my newest release and the second installment in dark and dangerous Seven Range Shifter series, where the heroes are cowboys by day, wolf shifters by night. Now I’m not really one to sing my own praises, but since I’m here to convince you that cowboy + wolves is the mashup you’ve been waiting for, here are three reasons why I love writing the Seven Range Shifters. All the sexy alpha male angst, none of the alpha-hole bull… We’ve all read it—the alpha-male wolf shifter who is just a little too…alpha. And while I love a sexy alpha male shifter as…

Terry Spear | A Paranormal Romance Writer Who Loves to Read Historical Romance
Author Guest / May 30, 2019

Historical romance is my favorite romance genre and you probably wonder why when I write so many contemporary paranormal romances. I like variety in my reading and in my writing. But when it comes to picking stories to read, I love historical romance. I do write Highland romances, so I tend to read anything but that. Why? I don’t want to accidentally pick up anyone else’s story ideas while I’m writing, so I read what I don’t write. I love action, adventure, mystery, all things that I watch or read when I have the time. A sweet romance can be fun, but I tend to love more action and adventure, suspense, combined with the romance and historical theme. I was watching the true story about the Viking who beat the Roman Crusaders who tried to take their lands from them. He was in love with a woman, and they had to fight off the invaders, using their wits and fighting skills to win against overwhelming odds, not only from the Roman threat but from the Viking tribes who had been bought off to kill him and his people. He was a good leader, a fair leader, and for a hundred…

Author Guest / May 29, 2019

I love a lot of seasons but Spring is just plain fun for me to watch come in. Winter has its beauty, especially there at the end when I’m so sick of running my air-conditioning unit to make it through those late summer heat waves. I love getting my warm fuzzy slippers out and having the chance to use some of the quilts I’ve made. Still, spring is just plain magical. Now I’ll make a confession. I love birds. One of my favorite things to do in spring is to keep an eye on the Eagle Cam. There is a pair of Bald Eagles who next in Big Bear and there is a camera mounted so you can get a peek at them as they prepare their nest. It’s something I really enjoy, watching those bird as they tend their eggs and waiting…just hoping to see a chick or two. This year they have two little chicks. Wicked Highland Ways is the last book in my Highland Brides series. Some might look at it as the late summer piece in the collection but for me, it’s still springtime. Hey, Brenda has waited for five books to have her very own….

Margaret Brownley | Five Reasons I Love Cowboy Books
Author Guest / May 29, 2019

1. Tough Manly Men! I love reading and writing cowboy books. Nothing defines America and its values like the Old West. That was when men were men and women were women, but a cowboy wasn’t a cowboy unless he was wild, woolly and full of fleas. Of course, the heroes we love to read about are more likely to be tall, dark and handsome.  He can also charm the bark off a tree and is able to cope with whatever comes his way. 2. Cowboy Lingo: Today’s language seems rather dull compared to the colorful lingo of yesteryear.  Can you think of more mouth-pleasing words than hornswoggle, caboodle or skedaddle?  Or what about fiddlefooted, ranktankerous, or splendiferous? A latte may be the haute cuisine of coffee, but give me an Arbuckle’s any day. The rebellious part of me delights that my characters can use such words as “ain’t” and “druther” without guilt.  My eighth grade English teacher would have had a fit. Of course, back in the 1800s, she’d be more likely to have a conniption (any way you call it, it serves her right for branding me with an F). When a cowboy said “hell on wheels” he wasn’t talking about no bikers…

Lucy Gilmore | My Top Five Favorite Puppy Romance Books
Author Guest / May 28, 2019

There’s something about a dog that makes love story a little sweeter. Maybe it’s because our canine companions reflect the best parts of us as humans. Maybe it’s because it’s easier to sympathize with a hero or heroine who goes home to a bundle of fur every night. It could also just be because dogs are fluffy and adorable. Whatever the reason, I’m always ready to fall in love with a book that includes a main character of the canine variety—especially in romance, where the dogs are always treated with respect. If you’re looking for a book that has love, passion, romance, and puppies, these five are definitely worth a read. Most Eligible Billionaire by Annika Martin Martin is a master at writing upbeat and offbeat comedies that make me smile from start to finish. In Most Eligible Billionaire, a “dog whisperer” is put in charge of a billion-dollar company thanks to her ability to read the mind of the dog who was recently bequeathed control over it. Naturally, the very wealthy rightful heir doesn’t buy into this plan. (It sounds weird, I know, but Martin totally pulls it off.) Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgans This was the first…

Isabelle Ronin | Favorite Food Spots in Winnipeg
Author Guest / May 28, 2019

From crepes to ramen, Winnipeg offers delicious menus to satisfy your cravings. Here are the food spots I love to visit: Kawaii Crepe You feel the fun and youthful vibe the minute you step inside. A classic breakfast of egg, bacon and ooey gooey cheese crepe, try the Morning Sunshine if you want something filling. Something sweet and decadent? Sweet Tooth is your best friend—Nutella, ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and your choice of fruit (I always pick strawberries and bananas). Enough said. Yujiro Tender meat and mushrooms, hearty broth, perfect noodles—they serve one of the best ramen in the city. Hands down. Sargent Sundae Conveniently located across Assiniboine Park, it’s a perfect place to grab ice cream before or after a stroll. They have soft serve and hard ice cream with a wide range of luscious flavors. La Belle Baguette Croissants, pretzels, cinnamon buns, pastries, breads, cookies and more—served fresh and scrumptious. I recommend the chocolate and lemon tart. Oh Doughnuts Oh yes, please! Pretty and tasty, you’ll be craving these like crazy. They also offer vegan and gluten-free options and their flavor selection changes daily. Try the crOHnuts and Everything Bagel. SPITFIRE IN LOVE by Isabelle Ronin…