Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Jo Davis | The Perfect Hero
Uncategorized / July 23, 2008

When Fresh Fiction asked me to guest blog today, I’ll admit I puzzled for days over what to write about. Like many authors, I’m an introvert at heart. When I’m not sitting at the computer racing to meet a deadline, my nose is buried in a book…rooting for a yummy hero to save the day. Eureka! That’s it! I’ll write about heroes, my favorite subject! They are sensual, moody, contradictory, playful and—ahem—one size definitely does not fit all. But what pearl of information could I possibly impart that hasn’t been discussed before? Then, thanks to an online romance readers’ discussion, I discovered The Perfect Hero—the Gamma male! This man was a revelation to me, folks. An honest-to-God two-by-four upside the head. Where have I been that I haven’t heard of this Super Male, this ultimate package of melt-your-panties goodness? Oh, right—sitting at the keyboard breathing life into Alphas and Betas. Or so I believed. I wish I could take credit for labeling this guy, but alas, I can’t, and the origin of the term seems vague. However, I’ve been creating Gammas for years without even knowing I was doing so! To better understand the Gamma, let me begin with a…