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Lacy Williams | Thoughts on Single Dads
Author Guest / May 29, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I love a good book with a single dad for the hero. What is it about single dads that we love so much? I’ve got a couple of theories I’d like to share. The clueless dad—this dad is often new to parenthood and has no idea what he’s doing. We think he’s cute because he means well but will try to feed a toddler baby formula, or can’t figure out how to handle his teenage daughter. True inspiration from my husband: when my daughter was an infant, he tried to put the jumper on the inside of her shirt. The good dad—this dad is pretty close to perfect. He monitors homework, cooks, even makes sure his kids have a family dog. We adore him because what’s not to like about a dad who puts his kid’s needs over his? One of my favorite memories of my dad (not a single dad) was when I was about 10. I was sick and my mom was gone and he could’ve left me indoors to watch tv, but instead, he stayed with me and played board games and THEN he stayed up into the middle of the…