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Kim Redford | Sneak Peek at BLAZING HOT COWBOY
Author Guest / January 3, 2017

At the Wildcat Bluff Fire-Rescue Station . . . Kent Duval’s mind whirled as he tried to reconcile his teenage love with the young widow and mother standing before him. Lauren Sheridan had the same honey-blond hair, chocolate-brown eyes, and to-die-for body that had distracted him from his studies in high school. Now she was so much more. And every last bit of her was setting him ablaze in a way he hadn’t felt in a long time. To cool down, he turned his thoughts to the Blue Norther that had dumped ice and snow all over Wildcat Bluff County last Christmas Eve, but his body was having none of it. Spring was coming on strong and Lauren was standing before him, so there was no getting around the earthly renewal of the birds and the bees. Cold weather was giving way to that perfect time of year when a young man’s fancy turned to—Lauren. He resisted the urge to head down a path that was dangerous to his heart. He’d thought for years that what they’d had between them was well and truly done and gone, nothing but raging teenage hormones. Now he wasn’t so sure. About the time…