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Susan Wiggs | Make 2017 the Year of YOU
Author Guest / January 8, 2017

I never considered myself a “cruise” person. In my mind, a Caribbean cruise was for newly-weds and nearly-deads. I pictured crowded buffets, jam-packed pool decks, windowless cubicles masquerading as staterooms. Turns out I was looking at the wrong cruise lines. The Mystery and Romance Cruise, dreamed up by the dreamers at Vacations By Design, is the one you want. It’s an eleven-day indulgence you’ll never forget. Okay, so some of you are objecting to the price. I don’t blame you. An eleven-day cruise is going to cost you. But let’s face it—eleven days on ANY vacation is going to cost you. I’m good at math. Used to teach it, in fact. So let’s do the math. What does a nice hotel room—a suite—run you these days? Probably around $300 per night. And meals (we’ll assume meals for two, and we have to include drinks and tip)—breakfast, $30. Lunch, $50, afternoon tea, $40, cocktail hour, $40, dinner at a nice restaurant, $100. Entertainment—live shows, music, films, dancing, sports…The sky’s the limit, but let’s say you go to a performance every day, which is what you’ll do on the ship. Minimum $100 for two seats at a live show. We’re already up…