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Paige Tyler | What makes shifter heroes and heroines so compelling to write about?
Author Guest / April 5, 2018

My answer to this question is probably different than you’d get out of most writers because I write with a partner—my husband. We approach our stories—and shifters—from two different directions, which mean we each bring something different to the table. When it comes to our writing team roles, Hubby’s responsible for the action stuff. Think fighting, shooting and blowing things up. Yeah, it’s cliché, but it’s what he does best. And if he has to write action, he’d prefer to involve shifters. According to him, there’s no action sequence that can’t be improved with some claws, fangs, and the general attitude that comes with being a shifter. There’s also the healing factor that comes with involving shifters in action situations. Hubby is happy because he can inflict more damage and mayhem, and it all gets healed up in a few days. In X-OPS EXPOSED, the hero, Tanner Howland, former Army Ranger and current slightly unstable lion hybrid, gets involved in an underground fighting ring, forced to fight to protect other shifters like himself. You can imagine the fun hubby had with those fight sequences. I’m responsible for the emotional baggage in the stories, so for me, the shifter angle provides…