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September 8, 2008

Have you ever been caught by the scent of something that takes you immediately back to a particular time or place in your memory?

Roasted marshmallows. Zing! You’re ten years old at summer camp. Did you know that baby powder is one of the all-time favorite scents, which is why it’s been made into a perfume? Our sense of smell is the only one of our senses that bypasses the conscious part of our brain and connects directly with our primitive emotional region.

The place where our sexual feelings emerge.

And our sense of danger.

This is a key issue in APHRODISIAC, the first book in our romantic suspense series featuring Brooklyn sex therapist, Saylor Oz. Along with the idea that most people have a deep down secret wish to experience what it is like to be irresistible to the opposite sex.

None of us is perfect, and in a society inundated with super-gorgeous media celebrities, that idea can plague even the most sensible, intelligent men and women (especially if you add in some major disses form high school).

Enter our height-challenged heroine, Saylor Oz, who grew up with the revolting nickname, “the munchkin.” She may be small, but don’t let that fool you. When it comes to nerve and determination, Saylor will stop at nothing to get to the truth. Especially for a friend. In APHRODISIAC, a post mortem message from a childhood pal has her pulling out the stops, while leaving Saylor the target of a killer.

But we provided a little backup for her — roommate and best bud, Benita “Binnie The Bitch” Morales. A former professional boxer, Benita’s always good for that much needed scene where it’s nice to see a beautiful woman deck a big, mean, disgusting dude who’s putting the hurt on somebody.

Guess it was kind of inevitable that friendship would be a theme that runs through our series because, in addition to being a husband and wife, we also happen to be best friends. And as debut authors, it’s great to have a chance to talk to readers about APHRODISIAC.

If you like sassy, sexy suspense, come read the first chapter here.

Allyson Roy
(Alice & Roy)

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