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Amanda Scott | Legends

February 25, 2009

Border Wedding, Border Lass, and Border Moonlight all began with a legend from Scott family history…the legend of Muckle-Mouth Meg. Meg was Meg Murray, who was supposedly one of the homeliest women in the Borders. Legend perpetuated by Sir Walter Scott the poet, among others, was that the son of famous reiver Wat Scott of Harden was trying to steal cattle from one Jagan Murray, a neighbor, when he got caught. Murray supposedly gave Will Scott the choice of hanging or marrying Meg. So, that’s where I started. But the first thing I discovered in my research was that the man involved was not Will Scott of Harden. Negotiations for Will’s marriage to his wife Agnes are well documented as being long and amiable.

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One Comment

  • Stacy February 25, 2009 at 7:47 am

    Isn’t history fascinating? I love hearing about stuff like this. I’m sure stories like this make for great inspiration while you’re writing.

    And I love Scotland – I can’t believe I haven’t picked up one of your books before. I’ll have to remedy that. So “Border Wedding” is a first book in a series?