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Angela Steed | "What is a 1080 Kiss?"

January 7, 2008

I’ve been asked that quite a few times and have come up with several different answers. I came up with one in particular that I thought was pretty good, but it turns out it had too much comedy involved to get a positive response from the asker. So here’s the other answer to the enigmatic question, “What is a 1080 Kiss?”

“A 1080 Kiss is when your special someone’s lips touch your lips in a kiss, it sends your head into a weakening-of-the-knees spiral, thus doing a 1080, or two or three.”

Okay, maybe not quite the perfect answer, but it’s as close as I could get to a logical one. Luckily, I recently conducted an interview with Vince and Morgan and asked them this specific question. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Vince: “It sounds like a new snowboarding stunt. I’d probably be doing it right now if I hadn’t been dragged here for this interview.”

Morgan: “Ever since he brought home his gold medals from the Winter Games, he’s been like this.”

Vince: “Like what?”

Morgan: “Eager to get out of your responsibilities. I know the Winter Games is still a-ways off, but you have to keep up your appearances otherwise…”

Vince: “Yes, I know, the sponsors will find someone else. You remind me all the time. You’d think after marrying her she’d let up on me, but no, she’s just as pushy and unrelenting as ever.”

Morgan: “Don’t take that tone with me!”

Vince: “What are you going to do, ground me? Okay, mom!” (He rolls his eyes at her—big mistake I can see)

Morgan: “Why you arrogant…!@#$…!@#$…” The rest of this profanity was removed per request of the guest, and by me since I really don’t want to write out such language for my readers to see.

After the brief argument between the two lovebirds, order was finally restored and the interview went on. Just to shorten it and get to the point, I’ll leave you with Morgan’s final statement about what a 1080 Kiss really is. I find her answer most refreshing to say the least. It gives a sense that true love, despite the struggles and hardships that occur in the process will live on forever in our hearts and souls.

Morgan: “When I met Vince, I knew in my heart he was different then most men. He was gracious, though stubborn in a sense I wanted to strangle him at one moment, and then cradle him in my arms the next. It can be confusing when you’re not sure what the other person is feeling at the time a relationship begins. I suppose when this happens, you create circles around yourself, building walls around your heart hoping you won’t get hurt like the times before. I was rather insecure to begin with, but luckily, after some deep soul searching, I found my stability in him. He never gave up on me no matter what. And when he finally kissed me, it shot straight through to my soul, sealing my feet to solid ground. I knew then that he was the one I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. I’ll love him forever, or as long as he’ll put up with me anyway.”

I’d never seen a grown man with so much stubbornness suddenly melt like butter on hot pavement. I was finally able to see the side she’d fallen in love with, and I’ve got to admit I was a bit envious. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her with such an intense, yet charming passion that even I felt the sparks suddenly ignite the room into flames. I knew then that her answer, when brought together with mine, was right on the money. And I could see plain as day by the look she gave afterward that she’d just experienced a 1080 Kiss.

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Thanks to Fresh Fiction for having me here today. I really enjoyed doing this and hope to do it again soon.


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