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Anna DeStefano | Legacies Are Amazing Things

November 18, 2009

ANNA DESTEFANODARK LEGACYAs a writer, I hope creativity will be one of the gifts I pass on to my son. It can be a scary venture, weaving story together from nothing, then sharing that vision with the world. But the results can be nothing short of amazing. Whatever your passion and gift, everyone can find a creative outlet to challenge and sustain them. The wonder of seeing others respond to your gift is a miracle you should experience at least once in your life.

By definition, a legacy is a gift of property, or anything handed down from the past. My paranormal romantic suspense series from Dorchester is an exciting escape into the lives of psychic twins who are just discovering the power of their legacy: the ability to feel and control what others are feeling, and to harness others’ dreams. They spent Book One-Dark Legacy -fighting to keep a secret team of government scientists from shaping their minds into direct-strike psychic weapons. In Book Two, Secret Legacy, Sarah and Maddie Temple are still on the run. Only now the government has a psychically gifted child in its grasp-another piece of the Temple Legacy the twins never knew existed. Instead of fighting to escape the danger their powers have brought them, the twins must embrace and risk what they are, or an innocent life will be lost.

At it’s core, my psychic series is about exactly what I want to pass on to my child, and hopefully his children one day-dreams. I’m having a blast as I draft Secret Legacy, delving deeper into the dream theory I could only touch on in Book One. Instead of spooky forests, Sarah Temple is dreaming of oceans and currents and being drawn toward either darkness or light. Is it nightmare that she’s seeing? A premonition of danger to come? Or the chance to redeem her questionable gifts, for the sake of a child she’s never met, and an unsuspecting world that doesn’t realize how close to reality psychic warfare has become?

Success hinges on whether Sarah can embrace her dreams, rather than hiding from what she was created to be. And whether she can learn to trust the people who would help her grow into her full power, including Secret Legacy’s hero, Dr. Richard Metting-Sarah’s soul mate, and the person she’s most determined to run from.

There’s a key message at the core of this series (and at the center of all of our lives, I suspect): we were born to bring something to the world no one else can. We’re here to create and share what is uniquely us, and to fight for that individuality–every dark and light part of it. Artists from the beginning of time have shown us the beauty that results when a person bravely embraces her latent gift to create. But there have been countless masterpieces lost, too, because one sensitive soul after another was too frightened of trying and failing, to even begin.

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