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May 23, 2011

Anna DeStefanoSECRET LEGACYIt’s a thrill to be back at Fresh Fiction, talking about the next novel in my exciting psychic fantasy series. SECRET LEGACY takes us even deeper into the world of the “near-here”–ruled by the peculiar things that happen daily around us, only in my Psychic Real, these not-so-everyday things that spook and surprise and amaze us are real, rather than just coincidence or our imagination getting the best of us. That’s the best part about being back to blog with you guys, I guess. I get to talk some more about this contemporary fantasy realm that grew from my own dreams and obsession with how close we just might be to the “fringe science” we find ourselves occasionally thinking might actually be real.

I mean, what if you could program your dreams to work for you, while you’re resting from all the “real” work you do each day? There are scientists who believe you can. And “what if” those dreams and the progress you make through them could be an even more exciting adventure, because you’re sharing it with someone close to you? Shared dreaming is an accepted possibility in some circles. And “what if” there were psychics who could harness the emotions that tie our everyday lives to our dream work, and their powers were so strong, they could program our dream worlds and through them our waking reality…

Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch, but I’m a writer. My job, at least in the Legacy series, is to push the credibility of this kind of science to the breaking point, until I’ve created a world where you could imagine your dream life running amok and causing mayhem and maybe, just maybe, propelling you into a more fantastical, exciting future then you could possibly imagine.

If you’ve enjoyed my Harlequin family dramas and romantic suspense novels, you won’t be disappointed. SECRET LEGACY at its heart is a family story, full of things romance readers love: tins, a secret baby, a clandestine, impossible love affair that’s nonetheless meant to be because otherwise our hero and heroine cannot conquer their own weaknesses or the enemy closing in on them… But I’m challenging you to embrace much more with this mainstream series that my publisher has moved into the sci-fi/fantasy genre.

Those of you who read Book 1, DARK LEGACY, recognized the science fiction edginess of both my Psychic Realm and the darker characters that live there: they tackle life-threatening dreams and other-wordly psychic powers their owners can’t control; they’re anti-heroes who at first can’t save themselves, let alone the world of innocents their gifts can either protect or destroy; and they face thrilling conflicts that challenge both the characters and the reader to embrace never being comfortable, while we solve the mystery of what’s really going on, and through that journey discover something true and real about our own lives, despite the fantasy world we’re immersed in.

SECRET LEGACY, even more than the first book in the series, is about our dreams and our fears, and or individual paths through what we believe and what we almost believe and what we really, really wish we could bring ourselves to believe. It’s about the things that hold us back from becoming what we need and want to be. And it’s about the price we and others pay when we fall short–when we tell ourselves we can’t. A little girl’s sanity is at stake in Secret Legacy. If the wrong minds gain control of what this powerful, psychic child can do with her mind and her dreams, the fate of the entire world will be in play.

And at first, no one but Sarah Temple (the traumatized, psychotic twin from DARK LEGACY) and her mad scientist/psychic warrior Richard Metting believe the little girl exists. Their story is a race to dream, and through that altered world to remember. They have to seek out the weakest parts of themselves and trust their questionable instincts and learn to forgive and begin again, no matter how lost they’ve been, or they’ll never stop the government scientists fighting for control of the Temple Legacy, the little girl’s mind, and the world’s dreams.

All because I’ve been fascinated with the power of my own dreams, and their ability to help me learn from my life and grow into a brighter tomorrow, since I was a little girl ;o)

I hope you’ll join me on this fantastical, thrilling ride. Be sure to drop me a line when you do and let me know what you think! I’m hard at work on new Psychic Realm stories about an even more amazing family whose secrets and metaphysical gifts the dilemmas they find themselves in will fascinate you even more…


DARK LEGACY is a $2.99 download on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other sites for a limited promotional time. Beginning June 6th, SECRET LEGACY will be a .99 cent download. It will also be a “Friday Freebie” download on June 17th, through Barnes & Noble’s Unbound (Nook) blog.

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