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Bitten, Stolen & Lost Sleep

June 7, 2005

I apologize in advance for any mistakes ths post will have. I haven’t slept the past 2 nites. Two good friends, who shall remain blamed not blameless, got me hooked by giving me the first two books in the Kelly Armstrong “Women of the Otherworld” series.

You might say on Sunday night I was BITTEN, and Monday night was STOLEN from me if you were as slap happy as I am at the moment.

I am truly surprised and thrilled to find a new take on a genre I thought was “So Five Minutes Ago”. Now, must cut this short since my husband is back from the bookstore with DIME STORE MAGIC; the third book in the series. My own copies of these two titles along with INDUSTRIAL MAGIC and HAUNTED(just released) should be here in a few days from Amazon. Maybe before they get here I can get some sleep!!

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