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December 19, 2007

OK – I do have a new book out – Southern Seduction by Alexandria Scott, so I probably should talk about the book first.

It’s what I call an old time romance. Remember the ones you read that made you sigh once you had finished because it gave you such a good feeling? Well that is what Southern Seduction is and yes I felt just that way when I finished reading the galley. Here is a short intro into the book.

Between desire and surrender lies a new beginning – and that is just what Brooke Hammond has to do – start over.

They didn’t start out to be whores. But sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way one plans, so you do what you must in order to survive.

As Brooke Hammond, Shannon McKinley and Jocelyn Rutland stand at the ship’s rail; they smile at the new life that awaits them. It’s their chance to put the past behind them and start a new life.

However when Brooke arrives at Moss Grove plantation she discovers a devilishly charming, infernally arrogant obstacle named Travis Montgomery, co-owner of her estate. So begins a contest of wits and will and winning the battle may mean losing everything that matters ….

I will add that there is a nice Christmas scene in Southern Seduction, which brings me to my other topic. . . Christmas

How many of you love Christmas and love to decorate? Christmas has to my favorite time of the year and it goes by too fast. If everyone could be in that cheerful mood all year – wouldn’t that be nice? I also love to decorate and have enclosed a picture of my Christmas tree last year. This year is not up yet. We’ll go and get the tree Saturday, and then it will take me 2 days to get it up because my trees are never small. Twinkling trees always takes my breath away. How do the rest of you feel about Christmas?

When the big day has come and all the presents have been opened and you have nothing else to do, I hope you will be able to settled back with Southern Seduction and be swept away and by the end of the day I hope you smile just like I did.

Merry Christmas

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