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Cait London | The Aislings/Psychic Triplets

March 26, 2008

Since my lucky number is three for many reasons (including I have 3 daughters), a trilogy with three sisters was a natural choice. I understood the relationships, the family order, and the mother’s reaction. (Yes, their mother, a powerful psychic is included in all three books.)

A STRANGER’S TOUCH is the 2nd of the Aisling Psychic Triplets and features Tempest Storm, the middle-born. AT THE EDGE was the first and sets the trilogy in motion with Claire, the empath and gentle. FOR HER EYES ONLY 10/08 ends the trilogy with Leona, the precognitive and the most fierce. The trilogy is based on the contemporary descendents of an ancient Celtic seer and a Viking chieftain. The triplets have inherited the seer, Aisling’s gifts—and they don’t want them. They want to be like normal women.

That’s understandable, isn’t it? The very gifted, haunted by senses that are not reality, images and thoughts that aren’t their own suddenly flashing in their minds could be a little disturbing. Because these adult sisters are birth and psychically connected, they cannot live close to each other. This is especially true when a sexy hunk comes into the picture, such as when Marcus Greystone re-enters Tempest’s life. He’s the dark and brooding, steel-hard corporate man who really didn’t appreciate her leaving the morning-after without a good-bye. Of course, Tempest wasn’t looking for a relationship that night; she was only set to celebrate her successful showing, to top off the night in bed with a gorgeous man. She wore gloves to protect her psychic hands—she’s a psychometrist, who can tell the history of an object by holding it, or the person’s emotions/personality who held it.

In A STRANGER’S TOUCH Marcus hasn’t forgotten those gloves on his body, and he wants her naked hands on him. He also wants something else…

I understood Tempest, the restless, the creative, the sculptress on the run from her past, something so dark she didn’t want to share it with her sisters. Since I am an artist, and you can find my paintings at my website Studio, I understood how Tempest would visualize artistically.

She’s also a very athletic, physical woman who takes what she wants. She reveals her emotions more readily than her sisters. Tempest is a busy girl. She’s on the run from a dark and haunting past; she’s also hunting an ancient brooch which could save her family. (Claire has just been attacked and the clairvoyants are certain dark forces are at work.) Because the origins of the Aislings date back to that Celtic seer, I was influenced by my own interests and personal items. The earrings and the Runes are mine.

Marcus sets a trap and Tempest is caught. If she takes up his offer to seek clues to a cold-case murder, she’ll be basically living with him for the duration. But guess who has the ancient relic she seeks? Marcus.

Tempest must play ball with Marcus to get what she seeks. As writers, we tend to label stories. Tempest’s story would be “A Captured Bride.” But her ancestor seer was also a captured bride. However, Tempest’s traits are different from her sisters; she may lean more toward her Viking ancestor: ready to take challenges and restless. And Marcus looks like a real challenge. I love Vikings and researched brooches/swords, etc. heavily. This trilogy is heavily researched.

The name of Port Salem, the fictional town on Lake Michigan, should be enough to scare any psychic. (If I write about it, I’ve been there.) While Claire’s setting was rural Montana, without major bodies of water, Tempest is where she and her sisters should NOT be, near the universal portal of psychics, a major lake.

Danger is never far away and Marcus stays close. Tempest isn’t used to having a “Protector”, but that’s exactly what she has in Marcus. He’s determined to keep her safe. I was delighted with Marcus. He gradually transforms from a stone-cold man with a grudge (he’s had a hard childhood) to a man entranced with Tempest.

A murderer who doesn’t want Tempest’s psychic hands uncovering his identity is determined to kill her. Her touch reveals startling secrets about Marcus’s own dark past, but will he hate her, if she tells him?

Then someone from Tempest’s dark past is circling her, and danger prowls around her entire family. This girl moves fast, but does she move fast enough?

Tempest’s personality is different from her sisters, and her story is unique to her. And to me. I hope you’re enjoying this trilogy, and you can find more about the Aislings at my website and blog. I’m guest blogging heavily with A STRANGER’S TOUCH, and my schedule is posted at my website.

*Watch for FOR HER EYES ONLY, Leona’s story, set in Lexington, KY.


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