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Campbell Makes Love* and goodwill at bookstore

July 8, 2005

Just finished reading the second book by B-List cult movie and TV hero, Bruce Campbell. Make Love* the Bruce Campbell Way is a novelized “what-if” casting himself in a big budget film.

It’s a hoot, in an irreverant, not take yourself too seriously way. Not only is it entertaining, but when meeting him at the local bookstore signing, he was a really nice guy; asking each person (over 400 were there) about themselves, their job, the summer heat etc.

It didn’t start out looking like it was going to be a fun time, what with the arrows taped in serpentine patterns outside the store on the sidewalk of another 95 degree + day; cashiers and stacks of books also outside, ticket placeholders for access to the actual signing upstairs and the “RULES” sheet. Must buy book, only one item signed, only store personal operate can take photos, yada yada yada…

Since we got there early, we managed to be in the fourth group of 50 allowed up the escalator into Bruce’s orbit. More taped arrows, on the carpet this time, die hard Army of Darkness fans weaving alphabetically thru the cookbook and literature/fiction sections. Finally, a big “X” (that’s right, taped on the floor) signaled it was my turn to meet the man himself.

And, like I mentioned earlier, he was a really personable guy. Sort of makes you long for Brisco County Jr. to come out on DVD to see more of him. He also has a new film due out in November.

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