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August 6, 2008

Five-Star Cowboy launches my first mini-series with Silhouette Desire called Suite Secrets. It’s a series I had a lot of fun writing and because I wanted the first of the three stories to include all of my favorite things, I threw in everything dear to me into this story.

So what do I love?

Well, location, location, location.

I love Arizona. I set my very first book there, a Kensington Precious Gem titled Chance in a Million. Now 25 books later, I’m still using Arizona as a primary setting for many of my stories.

Five-Star Cowboy takes place the fictional area known as Crimson Canyon, fashioned after Sedona, Arizona. Jutting mountains, deep colorful canyons and vistas from Mother Nature’s best day all play a part in my story.

I love cowboys.

What’s not to love about a rugged, man of the earth? I grew up watching Bonanza, The Big Valley, The Rifleman and so many more. Those stories dealt with family and values and taught me a thing or two about western life. The cowboy heroes were all men you could admire and trust.

So of course, the owner of the elite, exclusive dude ranch type Tempest West Hotel had to be sweet-talking, Stetson-wearing cowboy Trent Tyler. He made an appearance in the prequel to this story, The Corporate Raider’s Revenge and I fell in love instantly. No doubt, Trent had to have his own story!

I love horses.

As a young girl born in New York, I dreamed of owning a horse and when I arrived in California at the tender age of seven, I thought everyone lived on horse property. We were, after all, out west. Well, I didn’t get a horse, but I did to ride. I took English and Western riding lessons and visited the stables often. Part of my dream had come true.

So, yes we have horses in Five-Star Cowboy. Tempest West houses stables on the grounds and wild mustangs run free in Crimson Canyon on the property. Where would a cowboy be without his horse?

I love a good romantic legend.

We have that to. This contemporary story has roots that go back to an earlier time. Discover the legend of Destiny Lake!

I love country music.

I like all kinds of music, but I’m a country music junkie. Give me Tim and Faith, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Toby Keith and Martina McBride and I’m in foot-stomping heaven.

So yes, you’ll find famous country western singer Sarah Rose (the heroine in November’s story) giving a rock solid performance at the lake!

Most of all I love a great love story!

Some of my early favorite books include, LaVyrle Spencer’s Hummingbird and Kathryn Woodwiss ’, The Flame and the Flower. For movies, I stop channel surfing at the old classic, It Happened One Night along with Operation Petticoat and Man’s Favorite Sport. I tend to like the light side of romance when it comes to movies, but more emotional tales when reading.

Yes, I tossed in everything but the kitchen sink in Five-Star Cowboy, a story that Romantic Time Book Reviews gave 4 ½ stars and deemed steamy and terrific!

I hope some of my favorite things are yours too.

Wishing you Suite Dreams, Suite Reading and Suite Secrets!

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