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Cover Cut Ups to California Cops to Knitting Clubs to Southern Crazy

January 27, 2008

UNCOVERED by Thomas AllenJanuary brought a slew of authors to Dallas and I had the opportunity to check them all out! First we began with the visit of Thomas Allen author of UNCOVERED. Thomas has a special connection to books, especially pulp fiction books, He likes to CUT THEM UP! Yes, he takes old paperbacks, cuts out the figures on the covers then poses them in title suggestive ways and photographs them. It’s fascinating, beautiful and to an avid reader and collector, TERRIFYING! Thomas gave a presentation that showed some of his work over the years (not really that long, but he did start with his father’s photography before he was born) including book covers and magazine works. Gwen loved his illustrations for New York her primo magazine of the time.

Next up, we went South, to the New South filled with crazy ladies, southern food, barbeque, garden parties … and did I mention crazy women? And Michael Lee West came to town before heading up to be part of The GirlFriends Weekend in Jefferson, a tiara wearing, big-hair celebration of womanhood. She was so comfortable she sat down with the readers and gave us the “story behind the tales” of her amazing books, including the latest MERMAIDS IN THE BASEMENT. She does protect the innocent and not-so-innocent so never fear, she’s not writing about you… or is she? Hmmm. A beautiful woman, it’s hard to believe Michael lives on a farm outside Nashville and has three donkeys to scare off the coyotes, 20 pygmy goats, a flock of chickens and a couple of dogs! And while on tour, the goats got loose, so a crisis long distance had to be adverted! Now I understand her books. And they are a delight! Unfortunately for me, Daniel was entranced with CONSUMING PASSIONS part memoir but chuck full of recipes he’s itching to have me try and make. Since when did I become a Southern cook? And that frying scares me!

Stephen Cannell and Sara
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Then a double-header, on a cold chilly night, it was a treat to meet with Stephen J. Cannell in town to sign the next book THREE SHIRT DEAL in his continuing Shane Skully series. This one’s a definite keeper, I love Skully and Alexa and I’ve been a fan of Cannell since ‘The Rockford Files’, so it’s always fun to read an action packed, roller coaster (which figure in this one as well) adventure. And Stephen also talked about his special passion — spokesperson for Dyslexia. There were several children at the signing who came to talk to him, and he was wonderful sharing his story as well as being a role-model.

Kate Jacobs in Dallas
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While waiting in line to get THREE SHIRT DEAL signed, the noise volume rose…because up at the top of the escalators women with big bags were gathering. And their hands were as busy as their chatter. The knitters came out to see and hear Kate Jacobs, author of THE FRIDAY NIGHT KNITTING CLUB. This was one crowd where standing around wasn’t allowed. Chairs and benches were found and quickly filled with knitters, click clacking away! And they knitted all the while listening to Kate. Okay, I was impressed because I can crochet but the two-needle thing just never worked for me. No matter, it was amazing to watch. They didn’t even look down too much while listening and asking questions. Maybe that was my problem? Who knows!

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