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May 11, 2005

Just invited to check out a group of authors on their blog who are helping a readers group become more exciting. Now, color me stupid, but unless those readers are part of an active readers group, know the trials and tribulations of keeping a group dynamic and growing, isn’t it asking for just a general well-meaning opinion? I really don’t get it. I’d rather ask advice from a group similar to the one I’d be trying to grow — uh, say, another readers group, one that appears successful, than a bunch of people trying to sell something.

Yup, you’re right, I haven’t had a full pot of coffee yet and I’m feeling my pain.

I’m excited though. Tonight our reading group is meeting Mary Kay Andrews. This is sorta thrilling since she is definitely NOT romance, but straight fiction. I checked out the copyright page in Hissy Fit and for the Library of Congress classification purposes (am I the ONLY one who reads that for a grin?) her work is “Fiction, Southern States,” “Fiction, Revenge,” and “Fiction, Young Girls.” Silly me, I didn’t realize that “revenge” is a library classification. Thinking on it, there are lots of books I would classify as “revenge” tomes.

As for the “Southern States”, Andrews is also doing the signing in the “south”, although some would and do argue that Texas is NOT the south. But I think it will be a great people watching event 🙂

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