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Enjoying Summer

July 2, 2017

In North America July is the time of celebration, not only has summer truly arrived with the thunderstorms, rain, heat, tornadoes or in general nature’s fireworks, but we also celebrate Canada Day and the US Independence Day. Both holidays include lots of fireworks. Did I mention fireworks? This year, I’m spending the holiday in my home county of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. And we’ve had the rain, the heat and the fireworks. Except these fireworks are the small little twinkling lights of fireflies.

Living in Texas where fireflies are more or less extinct, I truly forgot how beautiful the little twinkles at dusk made by the fireflies are enchanting. Out from the city in the Amish Mennonite farming communities it’s very very dark but the little twinkles provide a show that is magical.

If you’re curious to know more about fireflies, check out this article from National Geographic and enjoy your summer adventures.

How Do Fireflies Glow? Mystery Solved After 60 Years

Scientists have sussed out the chemical secret of these bright summertime beetles—and it may someday improve human health, a new study says.

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