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August 4, 2008

Thanks to FreshFiction for inviting me to blog today.

Sometimes, the best laid plans blow up like a shook-up soda.

I’m a suspense fan. Lisa Jackson‘s Shiver, Linda Howard ’s Cry No More, Lisa Gardner’s Hide…those books sent a shiver up my spine. But I never imagined myself as a suspense writer. In fact, my very first romance-writing attempt was a light, funny contemporary romance that is buried in the back yard where it belongs. Some books should never see the light of day, LOL! Still, the months I slaved over that manuscript were not a waste. I learned a lot. Specifically, I learned I should not be writing contemporary romantic comedy. (What was I thinking?)

No problem. I tried my hand at a light, funny historical. Umm…not such a success. No matter how hard I tried to be funny, everything I wrote was dark. Very dark. And spooky. And scary. In fact, that first historical ended up as a twisty, creepy gothic. So I ran with it, and I kept writing gothics. It was easier than fighting the dark cauldron of my imagination. I guess you could say that I didn’t choose gothics, they chose me.

My August release, His Wicked Sins, is no exception. It’s a little less gothic, a little more suspense, and a lot sinister. In 1828 Yorkshire, a killer lurks in the shadowed halls of Burndale School. Three women are dead. Murdered. Elizabeth Canham is drawn to Griffin Fairfax, the father of one of her pupils. But she soon learns that all of the victims were intimately connected to him. As the murderer stalks her, Elizabeth must decide if Griffin could be the charming, seductive killer so many women have lost their hearts—and lives—to…

Considering how much fun I have writing these books, I must admit that I don’t regret going over to the dark side.

Please visit or for more information on HIS WICKED SINS and other Eve Silver / Eve Kenin books.

Happy reading!

Eve Silver / Eve Kenin

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