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Excited and a Great Readers dinner

May 19, 2005

We had our monthly dinner meeting tonight, and as usual, it was wonderful! I never knew how great it was to meet with friends and discuss books and authors until I started going to tea nine years ago. And the monthly dinners are even better. No chance of being overheard and dinner with friends is always nice. Besides they help cook and bring goodies *g*. We had two guests this month — due to a death in the family in April, we had to cancel our April dinner, so we just doubled our fun in May. Our guests were very different, writing different types of romances and yet both have an avid following within our group.

Holly Jacobs can’t help it, she writes funny. And believe me, she is as much fun in person (or on the phone) as she is on the printed page. We got the inside scoop on her dealings with the vendetta the suicidal chipmunks are waging on her, as well as a glimpse into future books after she finishes off two series she’s working on now. It was a wonderful conversation — sorry I kept knocking over the phone, Holly!

My only problem is how to get to read her Avalon series. I don’t go to the library –something about not returning books in time, they are so unreasonable. But I’ll figure something out. The book set in the front seat of a truck, survival style, sounds delicious!

Our second guest, Catherine Anderson writes books that make you cry and hug your kids and significant other when you’re finished reading. And she even has historicals that our P (who is NOT a historical fan) will read and rave about. Her current book — MY SUNSHINE — takes the reader into a life which has some physical limitations but in the end is fulfilling with more opportunities than having a perfect body could offer. Even though I cried, it was a great read! And Ms. Anderson took us into the background of how she writes and develops the rich characters she details in her stories. We also got to hear about the book she’s working on now, another historical at long last and the novella she’s done for a November anthology about a NOT CURSED but spelled (in a good way) wedding dress. Can’t wait. And sorry, Catherine, didn’t mean to keep knocking you into the banana pudding! Honest!

As for my excitement, well, well.

And last but least, I got the not-yet-released Kim Harrison book — and I’m gonna be reading it tonight. I don’t care how late it is when I start, that book is going down! And by george it better be good! The other readers said it is WONNNDERRRRFUL. So, I’ve got to see, or in this case read it to believe it. Let you all know, okay?

Other great trades include ENCHANTED INC by Shanna Swendson — she’s a local Dallas author and it got great reviews, and MaryJanice Davidson book. Some good stuff waiting for me to read. I’m excited. So now for a last piece of ooey gooey chocolate cake, a glass of milk and a night’s reading!

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