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Farrah Rochon | Anticipation

May 13, 2008

I’m not sure how I feel about that word. Just saying it conjures feelings of expectancy and excitement, but it can also lead to anxiety and good ol’ fashion worry.

My life is filled with anticipation. Whether it’s wondering what will happen next on my favorite TV shows (Seriously, aren’t we all wondering if McSteamy will end up with Nurse Rose or go back to Meredith Grey?), or waiting with bated breath for my niece to be born (FYI: She was born on April 30th after a twelve day delay, and she is the most precious child to ever grace this planet), anticipation has become a constant life companion.

My writing journey has been filled with anticipation. Finishing the book, finding an agent, landing my first contract, finally seeing my debut novel, Deliver Me, on the shelves, et cetera. I though the edgy, bumble bees fluttering around in my stomach feeling would ease up after the first book, but no such luck.

As I anticipate the release of my next novel, Release Me, those bumble bees are having a field day and that excited, ready-to-jump-up-and-cheer-one-minute-and-lose-my-lunch-the-next feeling is keeping me up at night. The anticipation of receiving reviews, wondering if fans will think the book lives up to the first one, and whether the book will even get out on bookstore shelves on time is enough to make me overindulge in highly fattening, but delicious and expensive chocolate to help ease the worry (hey, I need an excuse, okay!).

Of course, the best thing to do would be to accept that what will be will be, and just put it all out of my mind. I’m anticipating the day when I’m smart enough to do just that. As for now, I’ll stick with chocolate covered anxiety.


Farrah Rochon

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