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February 28, 2010
Down River

February 2010
On Sale: January 26, 2010
Featuring: Mitch Braxton; Lisa Vaughn
400 pages
ISBN: 0778327477
EAN: 9780778327479
Mass Market Paperback

Romance Suspense
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Karen HarperDown River
by Karen Harper

In the churning water, she felt her future slipping away…

Attending a corporate retreat at a remote resort in Alaska, Lisa Vaughn is plunged into the frigid rapids of the Wild River. Swept away, battered and alone, she has been left for dead. But lodge owner Mitch Braxton knows something is terribly wrong when Lisa fails to turn up for a private meeting to clear the air and close the book on their broken engagement.

Embarking on a heroic search that takes him miles down river, he saves Lisa from the deadly water, but not before they’ve been swept deep into the wilderness. Far from civilization, the former lovers must put aside their hurt feelings and find the will to survive. There’s a killer on the loose and, for now, they must measure their future together in days instead of years.

Fast-paced and full of suspense, but will the renewed relationship end in romance?


Duck Lake Lodge
Near Bear Bones, Alaska
August 20, 2008

Despite the calm beauty of Duck Lake ten feet below the pine-tree-lined path, Lisa Vaughn felt compelled to watch the Wild River on the other side of the low ridge where she stood. Because the summer sun had warmed the snow-tipped Talkeetna Mountains for hours, the snowmelt river roared. When the temperature dropped at night, despite the fact the skies barely darkened, the river rumbled like distant thunder. She was amazed by the reddish-colored salmon as they battled the fierce current on their long journey upriver to their breeding grounds. It almost looked as if the river was bleeding.

But mostly the river awed Lisa because, exactly twenty-six years ago, she’d seen her mother and baby sister drown in the turbulent, foaming Read More…

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