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February 14, 2010
Nothing Denied

Albright Sisters #3
February 2010
On Sale: February 2, 2010
Featuring: Beatrice Albright; Gareth Berenger
320 pages
ISBN: 0061657727
EAN: 9780061657726
Romance Historical, Romance Erotica Sensual

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Jess MichaelsNothing Denied
by Jess Michaels

Submit to passion, surrender to desire

Shrewish Beatrice Albright is beginning to realize that her difficult nature has consequences. As her seventh unsuccessful Season begins, her younger sister is taken under the wing of her elder sisters and the invitations have dried up. Terrified she’ll be forced into old maidenhood and the company of her mother, she vows to find a groom by Season’s end. Even if he is suspected of murder.

The Marquis of Highcroft, Gareth Berenger is just as shunned as Beatrice since he is thought to have murdered his first wife. But when she demands they wed since no one else wants them, he isn’t sure. Gareth is a man of intense sexual desires and dominant predilections and he’s already seen the consequences if his partner cannot accept them. He proposes instead a trial affair. If Beatrice can handle his sexuality, then they will marry. But as much as Beatrice is drawn in my Gareth’s sensual and shocking seduction, she is also afraid to trust and surrender fully. And there are darker forces sworn to keep them apart and they will use violence to take Beatrice from Gareth.


Oh great God,” her friend breathed.

Beatrice stared at Amelia, unaccustomed to any kind of real emotion from her empty little shell of a friend. Now Amelia’s eyes were wide, her mouth made an “o” and she was actually trembling as she stared passed Beatrice into the ballroom.

“What is it?” she asked.

Her friend shook her head. “Did you not see who just entered the ballroom?”

Beatrice turned and almost took a step back herself. The man who had just entered was not one she was personally familiar with, of course, but she knew him by reputation.

“Is that the Marquis of Highcroft?” she breathed.

Amelia nodded. “Gareth Berenger.”

“Gareth,” Beatrice repeated, staring at the man.

He remained across the room, so she could not discern individual features in any kind of Read More…

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